All Natural Beauty Product: Coconut Oil a crazy surprising use!

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One of my favorite beauty tricks is super cheap and affordable. It barely makes a dent in your wallet. I love using coconut oil in my daily beauty routine. It is so moisturizing and the delicious smell makes it all the more better!

Dr. Bronner's Magic All-One fresh pressed unrefined virgin coconut oil
The type of coconut oil I use is unrefined virgin coconut oil. It only cost around $9-10 for 14 oz. Unrefined virgin coconut oil is one of the best forms because the oil had undergone the least amount of processing, so it still holds most of its nutrients. Coconut oil mainly is made up of lauric acid, which gives it its antibacterial health benefits. There are also many antioxidants in coconut oil that can really nourish your skin.

An empty jar I use to store coconut oil
You can use coconut oil as part of your beauty routine, or you can stick with simply consuming it. I suggest to scoop some out and store it in a different jar, if you were to use it as a beauty product. This will help reduce contamination, in case you plan on using it for cooking as well. I store mine in this old empty jar.

This is how it looks in the jar. At room temperature, coconut oil is in a solid form. I like that because it is way more portable than olive oil. When I travel and bring olive oil, I store it in a tightly sealed container and slip it into a plastic bag. But, somehow that oil loves to leak out and make the entire bag a shiny, slippery mess! Now that I have also integrated coconut oil into my routine, I plan on bringing this with me instead!

Room temperature, solid coconut oil
Coconut oil slowly melting on my finger only after a minute
So, I know what you might be thinking. How can I use this oil if it's all solid? Do I go and heat it up in the microwave to melt it? No! Save yourself that extra work. Here's a magic trick: Coconut oil actually melts when it touches your skin because the warmth of your skin makes the oil melt! (Ooh, ahh) Otherwise, if it is just sitting at room temperature, it will be solid. After barely a minute of having that glob of coconut oil on my finger, the oil was already melting! 

I like to use coconut oil as a moisturizer for my skin and my hair. I like to rub the tiniest amount in my fingers then comb it through my freshly-washed wet hair. I also use it on my lips as a lip balm. Some people like to use it as an eye cream for the nighttime because while it has antioxidants and will nourish and moisturize your skin, it is super gentle and good for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and this works great for me!

Coconut oil can help heal wounds faster and can help protect your skin. This is a great alternative to many commercial beauty products because it is all natural. If you are feeling daring, you can actually replace most of your beauty products with coconut oil! It can be used as a lip balm (or a base for a DIY lip balm), as a skin moisturizer, as hair conditioner, as a face wash with the Oil Cleansing Method, and more. 

There is also something else quite bizarre that you can use coconut oil for. It actually doesn't seem that weird, once you actually think about it.

You can use coconut oil as deodorant. Yes, a deodorant!

I'm guessing you are probably thinking, What?! That is crazy! But, I am serious though! Since coconut oil has antibacterial properties, it can be used as deodorant. The lauric acid helps kill the bacteria that causes you to smell bad when you sweat. Although coconut oil itself is not an antiperspirant, it will help you not smell bad when you sweat. To easily make a DIY deodorant, you can mix in one part baking soda to one part coconut oil to make an antiperspirant deodorant. The baking soda will help absorb the sweat and the coconut oil will prevent you from stinking and scaring away your friends. You can also just simply use coconut oil by itself as a deodorant, for it works too! Unless you sweat buckets, then I suggest adding in the baking soda and perhaps some arrowroot powder to help absorb sweat. 

Lemme know what you think about using coconut oil as part of your beauty routine! What other all natural beauty products do you use? 

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