Budget Accommodations for Backpackers

Budget Accommodations for Backpackers

Other than hostels and budget hotels, staying with friends or friends of friends, I have also done some couch surfing (sorry mom!).  I don’t couch surf too often because it can be a hassle to coordinate and there are always safety concerns.  

I mostly stayed with girls or people who I had been in communication with for a bit and have references on their profile and lots of pictures.  My experiences always were fine but I much prefer hostels.  But, couch surfing is a great way to save some money when traveling. Visit https://www.couchsurfing.com/

Another popular accommodation option is Airbnb.  This is where you can “rent” out somebody’s actual home or extra apartment for a proposed price.  I have never tried this but I know many people who have and they greatly enjoyed it.  Visit https://www.airbnb.com/

You can save money by choosing to travel on overnight trains and buses.  This way, you will be paying one price for your travel to another location and your accommodations in one.  I have done this all over the world.  It can be quite uncomfortable at times (especially if you are 6 feet tall like me!) but, I have become a pretzel-pro!  

That means that I am use to curling up into strange positions to fit across the empty seats beside me or crunching into a ball huddled beside the window.  I wouldn’t recommend doing it all of the time, you do need to get your beauty sleep but, it is very budget-friendly!

My favorite websites for accommodations are:

  • www.hostelworld.com
  • www.hostels.com
  • www.booking.com (no cancellation fee or deposits)
  • www.agoda.com
  • www.directrooms.com
  • www.asiarooms.com

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