Staying Safe While Backpacking

Staying Safe While Backpacking

Keep your valuables (money, wallet, credit cards, phone, ipad, camera,

passport, ID, etc, anything that you would definitely not want stolen) with out

AT ALL TIMES.  Never leave any of these in your hotel room, no matter what. Keep

them in a side purse that is big enough or in a small backpack that you carry

with you always.

Always be aware of your surroundings when you are at an ATM.  Keep your hand

over the keypad.  Do not withdraw money late at night or in sketchy areas.

Be aware of common tourist scams.  For instance, in Paris, it is known that

scam artists will leave a wallet somewhere and wait for a tourist to come by and

pick it up, trying to be helpful and find its owner.  Then they attract a police

officer and say that you stole it from them.

Always be aware of your surroundings and who is around you, especially in busy areas where pick-pocketing is common.

Keep your valuables close by at all times and sealed tight in your purse.

Do not take out your entire wallet when getting money out to pay for something. 

You do not want to show others what you all have.  Instead, keep a smaller

amount of money in a separate, more easily retrievable area of your purse or on

you so that you can avoid doing that.

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