Chicken Veggie Scramble: Quick and Easy Lunch

chicken veggie scramble
Delicious, chicken veggie scramble

Hey everyone!

My lunch de jour was very delicious. I made a chicken veggie scramble. It was super easy to cook up, and tasted amazing. For all you out there who claim to not be good chefs, trust me when I tell you that this was easy to whip up.
chicken and vegetable scramble

I originally planned on making some avocado and egg toast, which has been my go-to lunch lately. However, the avocados I had just bought weren't exactly ripe enough yet. And it would be a hell of a waste if I just tried to mash it up and stick it on toast with it being unripe. It just wouldn't taste good. Like, I might as well wait a few days for the avocado to be ready. Why waste my appetite? ...and the calories too, eh?

So, I decided to make something else for lunch. I found some vegetables in the fridge and cracked a few eggs and made this! I used spinach, one diced tomato, half of an orange bell pepper, about an ounce of shredded Costco rotisserie chicken breast, a bit of mozzarella cheese, a bit of medium cheddar cheese, and three eggs. I also added a bit of Mrs Dash Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend and Mrs Dash Onion and Herb Seasoning Blend (which by the way is the best thing ever; I put that stuff in everything!). A bit of salt and pepper did the trick as well.

I put just a bit of olive oil onto the pan and then cracked the eggs into the pan. I added the rest of the ingredients and just mixed it around and around. I accidentally used a pan that was a tad bit too small. The veggies add a bunch of volume, and it took a lot of effort to mix it up without accidentally letting everything go overboard. But I managed. 

It only took like 5 minutes max to cook it up. I had some salsa in the fridge that I thought tasted too salty for chips, so I decided to add it to the scramble. I was also curious about how honey mustard would taste on it, which is why I squirted a bit on as well. 

safeway kitchens honey mustard
This honey mustard is SO good!
trader joe's garlic chipotle salsa
This salsa is wayyy too salty with carrots or cucumbers or chips. But on this scramble it was really good!

When I sliced the cheese, I ended up slicing too much and didn't use it all up. I had some sliced cucumbers in the fridge, so I made little mini cucumber-and-cheese sandwich bites. 

chicken vegetable scramble lunch

And ba-da-boom this was my quick and easy lunch! Pretty simple, eh? All of you out there who claim to have a lack of cooking skills, you can do this. I'm not lying.  Give it a try and lemme know what you think!

Til next time,

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