Oil Cleansing Method

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Yes you read correctly, oil cleansing method. No, it is not an oxymoron. I am about to explain how you can use oil to cleanse your skin.

What type of skin do you have? Oily, dry, combination, or sensitive? Or perhaps, the thought of figuring out the type of skin you have perplexes you so much you ironically start to break out. Well, guess what? You're in luck!

Okay, fine. This is not exactly a post to help you figure out which type of skin you have, though I will post one soon don't worry. This is to introduce to everyone *drum roll please* ...the oil cleansing method!

Now, don't go panicking! Yes, indeed I did say oil. And yes, what I meant was oil for cleaning your skin. You didn't read it wrong. I'm serious. Oil can clean your skin. Here, lemme explain.

When you use mainstream facial cleansers, they contain harsh chemicals that strips your skin of the natural oils it should contain. Your skin is the largest organ, thus requires a lot of delicate care. When you strip your skin of its natural oils, its left to regenerate oil. However, most facial cleansers out there tend to over-strip your skin of natural oils, which is why your skin tends to overcompensate and regenerate too much oil. This leaves your skin looking and feeling greasy and gross.

The oil cleansing method uses oil to cleanse the skin. Oil can dissolve other oils, dirt and debris. You may find this idea counter-intuitive, but its true! Good skin needs to have the perfect balance of natural oils to heal, protect and maintain homeostasis. The oil cleansing method does not strip the skin of natural oils, yet it still does cleanse the skin.

So, now you might ask, how exactly do you perform this cleansing method? Well, it's pretty simple! The first thing you want to do is figure out which type of oil you want to use: olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, caster oil, the options are endless. But, you need to be patient and figure out which type of oil is best for your skin.

Some oils have antibacterial properties, and some oils can be too drying. Yes, I know, even oils can be drying too.

Types of oils: Argan, Morcoccan, Acai, Flaxseed, Olive, Coconut, Avocado, Tea Tree, Rose Hip Seed, Grape Seed, Peppermint, Chamomile, Black Currant, Evening Primrose, Castor, Safflower, etc

**I will make a separate post on the properties of the oils**

Anyways, here's how to clean your skin.

Wash your hands because the first step to clean skin is using clean hands to wash your face.

Get a clean washcloth and soak it in hot water. I mean, really hot water. The towel will quickly lose its heat, so soaking it in really hot water is okay. I know this sounds silly, but what I do is I hold the towel at its edges and I soak it in hot water rushing from the faucet.

After about a minute or so, wring out the towel and place over your face. Let the warmth of the towel open your pores. What I suggest is to gently press the towel against your face, leaving it there until the towel loses its heat.

Repeat this about twice, until your face is slightly flushed.

Pour a small puddle of oil in your clean hands and gently massage it on your face. I like to massage in small circles around my cheeks then move to my forehead. Take this time to relax and really be patient. When you vigorously rub your face, you are going to cause premature wrinkles and hurt your skin.

Soak your towel in hot water again. Press on your face again. Repeat this once more.

Soak your towel again in hot water. Wring it out and press on your face. Slowly massage away and remove the oil using the washcloth, in gentle circular motions. This helps exfoliate your face too.

Afterwards, soak your washcloth in cold water. I mean really cold water because the towel can lose its coldness fast, since your skin is naturally warm.

Place the cold washcloth on your face, pressing gently. This helps close up your pores after you have opened them with the hot water.

Your skin should feel very refreshed, soft, and clean! You can follow up with some toner (optional) and moisturizer (necessity).

This is a very simple method to cleanse the skin and I find that it is way better, more natural method. Keep in mind, it might turn out differently for everyone. I hope this helps you guys, and please let me know how it turns out for you!

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