Free Things for the Taking

Hey everyone!

Free things. Yes, this post is about freebies. Except, it's more about what the freebies really mean.

I am a university student. For those of you out there who also attend university, or college, (or whatever you happen to call the academic institution that sucks out money from your pocket like a hungry vacuum) you all understand what I mean when I say that procuring an education really takes a toll on your wallet. University costs so much money, and I find great joy in constantly reminding everyone about this fact.

So, school started fairly recently for me. And the other day, they were having some kind of fair thing going on. There were booths set up where people could sign up for things such as clubs. With that, there were a few booths here and there that gave out free food and drinks.

I personally feel like it's all to bribe us. To make us feel better about all the money that we use for school.

Everyone is in line. We don't want to miss out on free food. Best way to bribe college kids is to give out free things. The edible kind.

A cool trampoline machine thing.
In all honesty, I do enjoy these kind of fair things. I think that they bring some kind of spirit to campus. I mean, sure it's all a huge bribe and meant to get us to sign up for more stuff, but still, I like free things.

Look, this guy is flipping over backwards!
There was this one station set up right in front of the library where people could strap onto this machine thing and jump on a trampoline, doing flips and other cool tricks. I didn't go on because of fear of heights and all. Plus, it would be too much attention and pressure. However, it was still pretty cool to see.

Soooo many people in line for freebies.

All those booths are so crowded. Everyone wants free stuff.

I felt awkward taking these pictures. People probably thought I was weird. Oh well. I am weird. I embrace it. 

This is what I got. I actually took all of five minutes to stand in line for this stuff, when I could have been watching Netflix in the library instead. 
So anyways, this post doesn't really have a huge point to make. I just wanted to point out how much money universities take from our pockets, and how just a few freebies made a world of difference. It's crazy how crazy people can get over free things. Free things they probably didn't want in the first place. Once you put the word free in front of something, it's like instantly a desire to obtain it overcomes you. Free. That's a pretty powerful word.

How do you feel about universities? Lemme know in the comments below about your thoughts on freebies and crazy huge college tuitions.

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