Easy Braided Half-Up Hairstyle

easy braided half-up hairstyle

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With great outfits, the best way to complete them and amp them up more is to create a cool hairstyle. How your hair looks can really change up your appearance. Here, I'm sharing with you a hairstyle I recently did for the look I created for the Fairmont Wine and Dine event.

braided half-up do

dutch braid half-up do

two dutch braid half up do

The hairstyle looks way more intricate and complicated than it really is. Lately, I've been loving braids, and how they are a super easy way to make a boring hairstyle unique. This hairstyle is really just three braids. It takes the simple, generic half-up hairstyle and makes it a bit more interesting.

easy half-up do

easy dutch braid half-up do

Because I have a side part, I chose to do two dutch braids on the side of my head with more hair, and one dutch braid on the side with less hair. A dutch braid is basically an inverted French braid, one where you slowly incorporate more hair into the braid as you go along. It's inverted because you are putting the outside strands under the middle strand, whereas normal braids have the outside strands cross over the middle strand. If anyone wants me to do a tutorial on french braids and dutch braids lemme know! Sometimes they end up looking and sounding harder than they really are.
easy dutch braid hairstyle

easy dutch braid hairstyle for any occasion

This is a super quick and simple hairstyle that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It's really all up to you. You can add a few flower accessories, or maybe a thin silver headband, or even braid in a ribbon. I chose to go with the basic because it went better with the outfit.

I love how such a simple thing as having two braids on one side and one on the other makes this style just a bit different and interesting to look at.

What did you think of this hairstyle? Lemme know in the comments below!

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