Elegant Happenings: Update and Instagram Sweepstakes Contest

red wine and beer

Hey everyone!

Over the weekend, my family and I made a quick trip to Canada to attend my uncle's birthday dinner. Because I am finally at the drinking age in Canada, I got to order my first drink. It was pretty exciting. I felt all grown up and sophisticated with my fancy wine glass, while looking over at the children with their cups of water and tea.

I got red wine, but I'm not exactly sure what specifically it was. I'm not that refined with my drinks, at least not yet. The extent of my alcoholic beverages knowledge is to go to the store, buy a bottle of reasonable price, pour into cup, and drink. If any of you got any good recommendations for drinks to try, whether it be cocktails, or specific brands, anything, lemme know in the comments below!

having a drink with my sister
Sharing a drink with my sister
We couldn't resist not taking a selfie. We just had to capture the moment, you know? Haha
I felt so sophisticated and classy drinking my wine. Next thing you know, I'll have bought myself a tweed jacket with elbow patches and loafers, my hair done in a tight French twist, and a haughty smirk on my face. Maybe. Possibly. Who knows? I held back the urge to raise my pinky finger when drinking though, so be proud of me.

enjoying a drink with my sister
Autumn quarter at university is almost over for me! Only got a couple more weeks to go, then I got a few weeks of break! I'm so glad because I really want to just sit at home in my pajamas, with a fire roaring in the fireplace and a steaming hot cup of tea in my hands.

To be honest, I'm kind of mad that this year winter break is only two weeks long. Apparently it's because our school started later than normal, which is why we lost one week of break. But that's not exactly fair; it's not like we as students had any say in when to start school. Why punish us with less break for something we didn't have a say in?

Thanksgiving is coming up real soon! Only two days away. My family celebrates Thanksgiving in a pretty low-key way. We basically take that day as an opportunity to cook up some good food, and spend the day together as a family. We don't watch sports or anything because we aren't huge sport fans. If we ever did turn on sports, I'm pretty sure we would all end up immersed on our phones instead of actually watching.

I'm planning on making some apple pie, from scratch! A couple years ago, I made pumpkin pie from scratch and it ended up really delicious. This year, I'm trying out a new apple pie recipe. If it turns out great, I'll definitely share it with you guys. Only if it ends up good. I don't want to share a nasty pie recipe that ends up poisoning anyone. Or do I?

For those of you who do celebrate Thanksgiving, what does your family do?

Another thing I wanted to share with you all is an Instagram contest thing happening soon! 

As those of you know, in my previous post, I shared some of my winter wedding essentials, as well as mentioned a tuxedo rental company, The Black Tux. I just received some news about this contest they are having, and wanted to share it with you guys!

Here are the details:

#Ownthemoment2016 Instagram Sweepstakes will run from Monday, 11/30 - Friday, 12/4. To enter, participants need to post a photo of themselves or a friend in a suit, share a bit about that moment in the caption and tag @theblacktux and #Ownthemoment2016. They will be selecting 5 winning posts, and will give away 5 black tuxs.

Definitely check it out and participate! I think it's pretty cool they are doing that. If you know of anyone who's in need of a new tux, share the news.

Lemme know in the comments below what is your favorite drink, whether it be alcoholic or not! Also, if you got any recommendations for me to try, share as well! 

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Til next time,

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