The Fairmont Wine and Dine Event Outfit: When You Don't Feel Like Dressin' Up

wine and dine outfit black blazer black pants

Hey everyone!

I recently got the opportunity to create a look for the Wine and Dine event at The Fairmont in San Jose. This look is inspired by the elegant, classy style of this beautiful West Coast locale. I personally have not visited there myself, but based on the images featured on their website, I was amazed at how this resort looked. It has an elegant style with some modern touches, such as the large windows with glimmering gold and beige drapery, and the thoughtfully arranged greenery that provided a nice complement.

As this resort looks refined, yet casual at the same time, I wanted to create an outfit that reflected this. Wine and Dine events are not too much of a formal event, but it still does require something that shows you know how to clean up well. You obviously can't show up in your yoga pants and flip flops without drawing the wrong kind of attention. I could have chosen to go with a dress, but instead I decided to wear a pants and jacket outfit, something inspired by menswear while still showing off a feminine side.

wine and dine pants outfit

wine and dine pants and jacket outfit

I stuck with a black and white theme with my outfit because having a predominantly neutral palette with a few splashes of color tends to create a more polished look. Although black is always a great chic look, like LBD's, sometimes they can come off as too formal if in a dress-form. I decided to wear black peg-legged pants with a simple off-white top. I also wore a sheer black blazer, which streamlined this look. The chunky black belt I cinched around my waist provided a great detail to the outfit and adds to the play in different textures. A pair of dark violet heels gave the necessary touch of color to the otherwise monochrome outfit.

wine and dine pants and jacket outfit

fairmont wine and dine outfit off-white top with black peg leg pants

I wanted to create a look that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and hairstyles you choose to pair with it. It's very versatile in that way because you aren't as limited. You can go super minimalistic and just go for a delicate silver necklace. Or you can show off your eccentric side and reach for that chunky gold bangle I know you got in your stash of jewelry.

fairmont wine and dine outfit off-white top black peg leg pants

wine and dine outfit off-white top black peg leg pants

fairmont wine and dine off-white top black peg leg pants

I really love how this look turned out. Most people wouldn't gravitate towards wearing pants to nice events because dresses are easier to style. Normally I wouldn't either. But I wanted to wear something more neutral, something that can be worn again for other occasions, so I decided to go for it.

This event is taking place in a resort, so most people attending would probably be staying there. By choosing items that people most likely already have in their wardrobe, this allows a look that can easily be created using very versatile items.

Thanks again to the Fairmont for this opportunity! I had a ton of fun creating this look. Taking these pictures, however, was a challenge. I live in rainy Seattle, but I managed to get great shots despite the wet weather.

Hope you enjoy this look and lemme know in the comments below what you think! What would you wear to an event like this? 

Til next time,

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