New Year's Fashion Resolutions Inspired by Farfetch

2016 new years resolutions

Hey everyone!

Crazy to think, but 2015 is slowly coming to a close for us. Can you believe just a few short months ago we were thinking about the new year and all the things we want to do differently with our lives? Yeah, that time has come upon us yet again! That's right. It's New Year's Resolutions time.

2015 has been one heck of a year for me. There have been many ups and downs. To ensure the coming year will be an amazing one, I have come up with 5 new year's resolutions to aspire to live by. Five fashion resolutions, that is. And all of the following were inspired by Farfetch products.

~My Fashion Aspirations for 2016~

new years resolutions be an achiever
Be An Achiever
One of my top new year's resolutions, fashion and in general, is to actually accomplish the goals I set  for myself. Oftentimes, we aspire to be a version of ourselves we fail to meet because the goals we set are too far to be achieved. This coming year, I want to actually meet those goals. I don't want to keep making so many empty promises for myself.

I always say how much I love wearing hats, and how glamorous and elegant they make me feel. Yet, I have never purchased one that made me feel that way. I always go for things that are more practical, things I know I would wear on a daily basis. I keep saying things that I never really do. I want to stop doing that. This look above was essentially inspired by that ongoing thought. I chose a beautiful hat in a dark blue hue, one that reflects my constantly ignored desire to wear a hat that makes me feel glamorous. I paired it with a bold red dress because I felt that it really complemented the hat, adding to the glamorous feel. The small black cross-body bag is yet another item that I keep saying I will get one day, and never do. Overall, this look is very chic and elegant, and reflects my desire to actually fulfill the promises I make to myself this coming year.

new years resolutions be daring
Be Daring
Ladies (and gentlemen), I am not the most daring person out there. I gotta clarify that before you guys start thinking I am some adventurous go-getter. Because I'm not. I tend to go for the things that I feel most comfortable with. Yeah, that's human nature to do so. But it doesn't mean I want to live my life that way.

I want to be more daring and adventurous. This most definitely includes the way I dress. I love the look of crop tops, but never dare to wear them because I get self-conscious over the midriff exposure. I don't get how Taylor Swift does it!! I would constantly be covering up my belly. But this coming year, I want to be more daring with my outfits, and wear things I never wore because I never had the guts to do so. I want to step out of my comfort zone. Just a bit at a time. Baby steps, ya know? 

new years resolutions be simple
Be Simple
Another fashion resolution I have is to be more conscious of the clothes I am wearing. In other words, I don't want to rely on accessories and stuff to make the outfit a statement. Let's go back to basics and resist the temptation to over-accessorize. That doesn't mean I currently over-accessorize per se, but that means to focus more on how each individual clothing item speaks for itself, using only what's necessary to create the look. 

This look I came up with consists only of an asymmetrical dress and booties. I love how classic the look is. Such a fresh, classic and minimalistic look. I'm really in love with this one. The asymmetrical look of the dress keeps the dress looking modern, yet the fit of it is very classic. The boots are of a beautiful camel color, which gives a very elegant look. But the open-toe adds a little something extra. It is chic without trying too hard. It isn't overly flashy. A simple pair of earrings could complete the look, but isn't necessary because the dress and booties are enough on their own. That's the kind of look I'm going for, paying more attention on how the clothes can create a statement without relying on quantity to create a look.

new years resolutions be experimental
Be Experimental
This coming 2016, I want to be more experimental with my looks. This is different from being daring because I want to be more creative with what I wear. I want to be more creative in my life in general as well. Let's not settle for the easy route. Taking the easy path may get you to where you need to be, but won't get you to where you want to be. There's a difference. 

I want to embrace my creative side and really go that extra mile, putting in effort where it counts. I really like how this outfit consists of a jumpsuit with beautifully embellished heels. This would be a great look for a special event. But, the fact that it isn't a dress demonstrates how I am being more creative with my look. Why go the easy route of wearing a dress to feel dolled up, when you can wear something unique like a jumpsuit? 

new years resolutions be yourself
Be Yourself
The last fashion aspiration I am sharing today is the resolution to dress to impress...yourself. Fashion is a way to express yourself through clothing. Yet, we always feel the need to care more about what society thinks, without taking into account how we feel about our appearances. I want to dress for myself, not for others. The looks I go for are to make me feel beautiful. It isn't to earn compliments (though compliments don't hurt). It is to reflect something of myself. I should dress how I want, and how I feel best fits. Who cares what other's think? If we are happy, then that should be all that matters.

I love how this dress has such a fun pattern to it. The black and white geometric shapes really looks unique and different. The fit and style of the dress isn't particularly provocative. It isn't something designed to get guys, but something to make you feel pretty. The bold red purse adds a pop of color to the look. None of it was created with the intent to get people to like it, but was to reflect my desire to have fun with fashion. I want to remember that though it is a societal norm to care about what other's think, I should focus more on what makes me feel good and happy. 

These are my five fashion aspirations for the upcoming year. 2015 has been a long, albeit memorable ride. Let's make 2016 just as amazing, if not better. 

I really hope you enjoyed them. Lemme know in the comments below what you thought!

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