OOTD Black Lace Black Coat and Pre-Study Session Lunch Date

OOTD Black Lace Black Coat

Hey everyone!

As promised, I am sharing with you guys one of the new coats I purchased on Black Friday a couple weeks ago. I am in LOVE with this coat, the style and fit and just everything! It is so beautiful and chic, and makes me feel very put-together. I really like how it goes with a lot of my clothes. Of course, it is black, which definitely helps a lot when putting together outfit.

As you guys know already, finals have been going on for me this past week. My apologies for not posting in the past couple days!! Life has been crazy, with lot's to do and lot's going on. I have been studying nonstop the past several days. I woke up early for class, and went to bed late each night due to studying. I was running on 5 1/2 to 6 hours of sleep all week long!

On top of that, I suddenly had to cover an opening shift. And since I work at Starbucks, an opening shift is very early. Like crack of dawn early. As in, I woke up at 4 am. And for someone who thinks that 6am is early? Yeah, I wasn't a happy camper.

All the same, it was a good experience opening because I had never done that before. I try to avoid waking up early as much as I can, especially during the school year when I am already stressed and exhausted 24/7. But, I found that opening requires WAYYY less stuff to do than closing. Maybe waking up early has it's perks?

Anyways, the other day, my friend, Sabrina, and I were cramming for our art history final. We were frantically studying and preparing for the exam that we felt like we were doomed to fail. Art history is a wonderful and interesting class, don't get me wrong. In fact, I'm growing to love it so much I'm planning on minoring in it. I like how it has opened up my mind to see things around me in a different way. I feel more educated now. Learning art history is very intriguing, as it allows you to discover the stories behind different things and how/why certain art styles developed and came to be what we now know. But, it is a pain in the derriere to study for because of all the stuff that is crammed into our brains in a matter of 10 weeks. 10 weeks worth of knowledge that we have to regurgitate out in a 90 minute highly-structured and timed test.

Back to my point, I integrated my new black coat into my wardrobe and this is the outfit I wore on this particular day Sabrina and I studied together.

black raincoat

black raincoat outfit

I really love how this coat looks. The length is perfect. I can sit on a bench and not feel the cold, wet metal under my butt. The hood actually fits over my head! I can FINALLY feel like I don't have a large head, which is how I felt with one of my old coats because of the smaller hood. 

black raincoat outfit with maroon skirt and black fishnets

OOTD how I style black lace
For some reason, I really love this photo. Maybe it's because I'm laughing really hard. Or maybe it's because the wind blew my coat up in a way that brings to mind a particular photo of Marilyn Monroe.

Underneath this coat, I wore a black lace sweater, which I love because of how the lace has such a subtle and simple design. I had on a blue camisole underneath because I didn't want to dress racy in class. That's not how I do things.

I paired the black sweater with a maroon colored bodycon skirt, with a pair of black fishnets underneath. I really love wearing fishnets, especially ones that have cool designs and patterns on them. I love how a pair of great patterned tights can add so much to an otherwise plain skirt.

black lace sweater

black lace sweater outfit

I really love how this look turned out. There is so much black, and yet there are a few pops of color here and there with the blue peeking out from underneath, and the maroon of the skirt adding a little something extra.

Before my friend and I went to go study, we decided to go grab a late lunch. We didn't know where to go, and browsed on the internet for places within walking distance we could go to. We finally found this Japanese/Korean/Hawaiian restaurant that was nearby, and not too pricey. The food was pretty good! The portions were HUGE! We ended up getting an entree and splitting it. An entree came with one main dish, plus two sides of your choice. And the portions were so much, had we gotten halves of our own, it wouldn't have been as worth it. University students know how to be frugal where it counts, am I right?

impromptu lunch date
All this food for only two people. We ate it all. Every bite.

asian fusion restaurant

french fries
French fries. Because why not?

The entree came with two sides, and we ordered kimchi as an extra to look less cheap because we were already sharing. Plus kimchi tastes good. If you like spicy fermented foods.
Comment down below if you like kimchi as well!

korean style spare ribs
Some type of a spare ribs dish that was pretty good! I'm normally not a big meat-eater but it was pretty tasty.
It was a pretty fun adventure. We weren't normal. Normal people would go to the nearest Chipotle and then eat while studying. No. We aren't like that. We decided to waste time finding a restaurant, walking there, choosing food, taking pictures of the food for Instagram (cuz why not?), taking our time eating for an hour or so, and walking back. Yep! You could call it a waste of time, or you could call it time well spent because it distracted us from the stress we had worrying about finals.

All those photos above? My friend Sabrina chose that location. We were walking past some random alley, and she jokingly pointed to it saying that that was where the restaurant was. Down past some sketchy alley. And then she had this thought that it would be funny to take some photos there because it looked different and interesting. So that's why we did!

Normally I take photos near random trees and stuff, but this was a nice spot for some OOTD pictures. Despite how weird it was. There were literally hobos passing by, and the sky was darkening quickly after awhile.

hair and makeup of the day
Ponytail with curled hair, and a simple glowy makeup look for the day. 
OOTD black lace black coat maroon skirt outfit

Anyways, that final is now done and over with! I still got a couple more things to do before I can finally relax for the holidays! School is a huge stress-inducer, but that's what keeps me goin. Once I'm done with finals, I will finally have time to do some other things I've been planning to do for awhile now. Like post the recipe of the apple pie I mentioned before. Or do some holiday looks.

Ugh school. Ughhh life.

Y'all get me, right?

Lemme know in the comments below what you thought of my outfit! How would you style this black coat? Do you like wearing black lace?

Do you guys like eating at asian fusion restaurants as well? Comment down below!

Thank you for reading, and I wish you all a wonderful week!

Til next time,

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