OOTD: Leather in Brown

brown leather jacket outfit

Hey everyone!

I have a confession to make: I have an obsession with leather jackets. I love wearing leather in black, gray, and as you can see here today, brown. There is just something about brown leather that has a classic feel to it. Brown leather can be worn in many ways, conveying different styles. It's such a great, versatile piece.

Even though it is December, my outfits are still on the brink between fall and winter. Because the weather here in Seattle is more or less the same every day, I can still get away with wearing a few pieces that are more fall-themed. Of course, I am freezing my face off in the mornings, but once it becomes the afternoon, my leather jacket doesn't feel as thin anymore.

how I style a brown leather jacket

Of course, I know that sooner or later I really will have to dress more for the winter. I'm starting to wear gloves in the mornings just to combat the cold. I use these cool fingerless ones that have an attached cover to turn into mittens. So handy to have when I want to use my phone while wearing gloves. First world problems, anyone?

OOTD with brown leather jacket

I really love wearing this brown jacket with my brown shoes. The colors are very similar, even though I bought them separately. I also love how the brown looks against the olive green of the jacket I'm wearing underneath. 

olive green jacket

The brown leather jacket, olive green jacket, and the off-white lace top goes well together, creating a nice uniformed grouping of colors. I think it's because it gives off this boho feel to it, which is why I like this combination so much. 

OOTD brown leather jacket

I admit, I really need to start wearing some winter outfits. In fact, I purchased a wonderful new winter coat this past Black Friday. I just can't seem to fully bring myself to embrace winter just yet. Something about the crisp autumn feel in the air that I want to hold onto. But, I do admit I can't wait for the holidays. I'm feeling so conflicted.

How do you style brown leather jackets? Are you ready to jump full-force into winter gear yet? Lemme know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys are all having a wonderful day.

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