#WarbyHoliday: Winter With a Warby Parker Twist


Hey everyone!

Tis the holiday season. Well, actually, it is Christmas now, to be exact. Don't want y'all to be correcting me in the comments, now do I? Anyways, I figured that each of us do different things in the winter, for we all got our own little traditions. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the winter activities I've done this past year.

Warby Parker, an American brand that features sleek, beautiful eyeglasses and sunglasses, kindly reached out to me to help introduce their new Winter 2015 collection. Because of this exciting news, I decided to feature some of my favorite frames that I would sport whilst doing my usual winter thing.

To do so, I tried out their Home Try On Program, which allowed me to order 5 frames (eyeglasses or sunglasses), to try out at home for 5 days. All for a grand total of $0. Didn't cost me nothin'. And I got to try em on, and pose for the camera.

Warby Parker Home Try On

Warby Parker Home Try On Kit

The package came within 7 days of ordering. Inside, there was a card with some details about the company, and how to order frames. It's really exciting getting a package like this! I felt like I was opening a present. 

warby parker glasses and sunglasses

Home Try On Warby Parker

Sadly, I got this package after I had already done my usual winter routine. So, I decided to share with you guys, which frames I would wear had I gotten this earlier. Also, I couldn't resist, and I chose a couple pairs of sunglasses as well. Which, for obvious reasons, wouldn't be necessary in the middle of winter, but is still fun to try on.

holiday baking

Something I love to do in the winter time is to cuddle up by the fire, catching up on some shows on Netflix while eating homemade goodies. Winter vacation is the perfect excuse to lie around doing nothing but eat sweets and binge watch TV. My sister and I usually like to hang out together, and lie by the fire side by side, with a plateful of cookies between us. 

trying on Theo Whiskey Tortoise
Theo: Whiskey Tortoise

Because of this cozy, indoor activity, I would definitely choose these frames to wear. The frames I chose, Theo in Whisky Tortoise, are such a lovely color and style. Tortoise is such a classic design, and with the activity being cozying up to a warm fire, this emphasizes the timeless quality to the frames. 

shopping at target
There was a cool living-room set up so I just had to sneak over and snap a quick shot of me nonchalantly lounging on the chair. 

Because it is the holiday season, I generally have a long list of things I gotta buy for people's presents. Plus, a few goodies for myself to reward myself for hard work, and whatever other excuses I can think of. I usually do a lot of my gift shopping at Target because it's Target. And who doesn't like Target?

trying on Gilbert Scarlet Tortoise
Gilbert: Scarlet Tortoise

Because of the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping rush, I would need a great sturdy, stylish pair of frames. The fact that these were in a rich red hue matched perfectly with the iconic color of Target. Pretty cool how that worked out, eh?

I really like how these look on me because of the pop of red. The pattern is still that classic tortoise, yet the red makes it stand out and look way more unique and special, which is exactly the kind of gift you should be giving. Almost works like your own personal reminder and source of inspiration.

holiday baking holiday treats

When winter rolls around, I'm all about that baking. I literally would spend hours upon hours scouring Pinterest for the best ideas for holiday treats. For myself and for others. But mostly for myself. 

trying on Simone Blue Coral
Simone: Blue Coral

I found a wonderful pair of glasses that matched this very mood. These frames are in a fun blue pattern, which correlates with the creativity necessary when baking. You can't get by with boring ol' cookies, now can you? No. You gotta make the best of the best, with super creative and original ideas. Thus, the unique blue-patterned frames. I think these would have been perfect for this occasion.

I also wanted to share a couple of the sunglasses I tried out with the Home Try-On Program. Warby Parker features a wide selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses, so I just had to choose a couple frames to try out as well, despite it being winter.

trying on Reilly Whiskey Tortoise
Reilly: Whiskey Tortoise

trying on Reilly Whiskey Tortoise

This pair of snazzy sunnies are Reilly in Whiskey Tortoise. Ooh, I'm sensing a pattern here. Whiskey Tortoise seems to be the design I'm liking for glasses frames. I love these sunglasses. They are the perfect style and shape for me. They look so retro and gives off just enough attitude.

trying on Dempsey Jet Silver
Dempsey: Jet Silver
trying on Dempsey Jet Silver sunglasses

The other pair of sunglasses I got to try on are the Dempsey in Jet Silver, a pair of trendy sunglasses that I've recently fallen in love with. I wasn't sure about the silver at first because it seemed so bright and shiny. I'm fairly sure you guys can guess by now that I am the type of person to go for black sunglasses. But, given that these are a different style for me being in silver, I'm pleasantly surprised and happy with the way they look because I think they turned out pretty sleek and chic. 

Warby Parker as a great selection of frames to choose from for lots of different occasions. They have a new Windsor Collection out, which offers a "a new range of extra-special frames influenced by the timeless Windsor rim".  Definitely check them out! 

They've released a bunch of new stuff for the winter. Treat yourself for the new year. If you're already making some excuses to splurge and indulge for the holidays, might as well treat yourself to some new frames too. 

Lemme know what you guys think of these glasses and sunglasses in the comments below! Which ones were your favorites? 

Thanks so much for reading, and I wish you all a happy holidays!!

Til next time,

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