Online Shopping as a Source of Inspiration: Wishlist of Newchic Products

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Hey everyone!

So I guess you can call me sale-happy, as I have yet another wishlist to share with you all. I love how January is filled with all kinds of sales and specials. But it also infuriates me because it always comes around during a time when I'm still recovering from overspending the year before. Despite so, I still love going through sites to find what catches my eye.

I am always down for some good fashion inspiration. You can always peruse through Pinterest, or investigate the current trends on Instagram. But you can also get inspired by things on shopping sites. Sometimes it can even beat window shopping because you aren't physically touching the items, so you won't be as tempted. Then again, by seeing all those lovely pictures and reading the reviews, you might get more tempted. Oh well, resist or not, you can still get some ideas.

I really like how shopping online allows you to easily bookmark what you like without having to fill up a magazine with sticky notes, or having a pile of things on hold at a store. As you can tell, I've obviously gotten really into shopping online recently. I'm not usually one to go for online shopping, but I do have to admit it is really convenient and accessible.

I wanted to share with you all today my wishlist from Newchic, a great site to find lots of terrific stuff you're gonna want to buy. They have really affordable clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc. Treat yourself. You've made it through most of January, so what better to do than to add to your ever-growing closet? Plus, there are a ton of sales you can still catch that won't be a huge burden your wallet. So jump on that opportunity while you still can. 

opal charm bracelet newchic aglimpseofglam wishlist
One-Opal Charm Bracelet
This bracelet is definitely on my list because it is so simple and delicate, and the stone is coincidentally my birthstone. As you guys may know, my birthday falls in the month of October. This month has two birthstones, tourmaline and opal. It was a total coincidence that I happened to choose this bracelet! But, this just makes me want it more. So for all you out there born in October, this would be perfect for you as well. Or if you just like the look of this simple gold bracelet, it would be a great piece to add to your jewelry collection.

black romper newchic aglimpseofglam wishlist
Two-Black Romper
I added this to my wishlist because I really love how rompers look. Lately, I've been loving how rompers and jumpsuits can give you a simple, clean look without too much effort. It's like a dress, except you don't have to worry about sitting too properly. I also really like the neckline on this one because it draws attention to your collarbone and shoulders. The high neckline really adds something to it. If you were to imagine it with any other neckline it wouldn't work as well because the effect would be different. Plus, with it being black, you can dress it up or dress it down however your heart desires.

scarf newchic aglimpseofglam wishlist
I really love scarves. I have a huge scarf collection and I never hesitate to add to it. I'm a scarf addict and I willingly admit it. This classic plaid design can go well with pretty much anything. The rich red hue also can provide a pop of color. It is easy to integrate into your wardrobe as a basic, and is definitely something I can see myself wearing a lot.

bucket bag newchic aglimpseofglam wishlist
Four-Bucket Bag
Everywhere I look, bucket bags are all the rage right now. They have such a versatile, useful design, one that can hold an abundant amount of unnecessary junk you may assume you will need to survive a day out. I love the look of it, and I've been wanting one for myself for a long time now. The only downside to it is that the rain is it's enemy because there's no closed top. Otherwise, the design and style is so gorgeous and perfect. 

chevron ring newchic aglimpseofglam wishlist
Last but not least, I really like this gold statement ring. I like the double chevrons on it. The gold color would also go really nicely with the gold bracelet I chose as well. Actually, come to think of it everything I chose could go nicely as a whole outfit. All that's left are shoes. But, I mean, who really needs to wear shoes anyways? We can be barefoot...cavemen did so long ago so why can't we? (Because we will develop calluses that's why) Anyways, I think this would be a really nice statement ring to wear to spruce up an outfit.

Definitely go check out Newchic to see what you would like from this site! I want to know what's on your wishlist!

If you haven't had the chance yet, check out the previous two wishlists I've done recently as well, here and here. Creating a wishlist is always a great way to get inspired when you're feeling low on ideas.

What did you think of my wishlist? Any of the above catch your eye?

Thank you all for reading! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Til next time,

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