Quick Easy Detox Drink: Hot Water with Lemon

hot water with lemon health benefits

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Indulging, partying, and relaxing on our normal routines take a toll on our bodies. It takes time to get back into our everyday routine, and back to the happy "normal" we were at. It doesn't help that it's also flu season. To go with the "Let's Get Healthy" mood we are all still feeling this January, we shouldn't forget about detoxing our bodies. Detoxing is hugely important to rid our bodies of toxins and other garbage, which will help us with our healthy living routine.

One super easy and affordable way to detoxify your body WITHOUT having to get off your lazy derriere and exercise is to drink this delicious concoction of hot water and lemon. All you gotta do is pour hot water over a slice of lemon, or use freshly squeezed lemon juice. Though, having the peel still on will add more health benefits. Just remember to wash the peel first, in case of pesticides or other junk you don't want to consume. Yes, exercising is one of the ultimate way to purge your body of toxins because you sweat out all the nasties that have been camping inside. But, what you consume can play a major role in getting your body all happy and healthy as well.

Something I do each and every morning, almost religiously, is to drink a big huge mug of hot water with lemon. Well, it's more on the warm-hot side than actual hot. It's best to drink it in warm water rather than hot or cold because you can absorb all the nutrients from the lemon better. Lemon has such great health benefits for your body.

Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that can help with aging, wrinkles, and skin issues because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C also helps with your immune system, so it can help you ward off colds. Lemon also has this type of fiber in it called pectin that can help with your digestive system, and help you feel fuller longer. The combination of warm water and lemon can help clean out your system... if you know what I mean. Some people believe that starting your day off with cold water is best because it shocks your system and gets it moving. But, based on personal experience, I find that starting off with warm water is best because it helps gently wake up my body, and doesn't upset my stomach. I have a sensitive stomach, and I find this drink to be very soothing. There are many other benefits lemons have to offer, but I don't want this post to turn into some kind of science lecture.

Another added benefit is that drinking this every morning ensures that you are hydrating your body right away. Your body is dehydrated from the many hours (hopefully) of sleep you had, so you need this liquid to rehydrate your body. Plus, drinking water on an empty stomach like that can help you eat less. Sometimes your body confuses hunger with thirst.

I've also heard that lemon water can help with energy, and eventually become a substitute for coffee and caffeine. This is true for me! I've noticed a difference after a year and a half of continuous consumption of lemon water each morning. I've been able to stop my morning coffee habit. I do still drink it, but it's more for enjoyment than for necessity. I hate having to drink/eat things out of necessity. That just takes the joy out of things.

ONE LAST THING! Lemons are acidic and can erode your teeth! But I asked my dental hygienist and she told me that if you drink pure water afterwards then you are okay. Don't go sipping lemon water the entire day because your teeth will weaken, eroding the enamel way faster. You will be using dentures before you even retire! And don't go brushing your teeth too soon either. Toothpaste and stuff can hurt your teeth. Just remember to drink it and drink some water afterwards. If you have a morning coffee, drink water after that too because coffee can stain teeth too. Just wanted to pass along a helpful tip!

Give it a try and lemme know what you think! I would love to hear your thoughts! What do you like to drink in the mornings?

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