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wedding dress inspiration cocomelody

Hey everyone!

I am such a typical girl. I love to fantasize about my future wedding: how it will be decorated, where it will take place, and most importantly, what I will wear. Of course, I am no where NEAR getting married. (Firstly, you gotta find yourself a man, someone you are willing to tie yourself down with for the rest of your life. That's a heavy task, my friend). But that won't stop me from perusing the internet for inspiration to add to my ever-increasing list of what I want at my wedding. Remember that movie, The Wedding Planner? That's pretty much me.

If any of you out there need some great inspiration for your wedding dress, here are my top picks. Feel free to just sit around at home drinking cheap wine in a wedding dress too. Don't worry. No one will judge. If Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe could do it in Friends, why can't you? The perfect wedding dress can have the power to make you feel like a million bucks, and there's never anything wrong with wanting to look like you came straight from the cover of a bridal magazine.

The following are all from a wonderful site called Cocomelody. They offer such a great selection of wedding dresses. You should definitely check them out!
beach wedding dress cocomelody
I love this wedding dress. There is just something so beautiful about the sheer panel. I like how it has a high neckline, but the fact that there is a sheer panel makes it less modest and more subtly sexy. High necklines are so flattering because they highlight your collarbone, but not in an overt way. This is one of the beach wedding dresses Cocomelody has to offer.

cocomelody beach wedding dress
I'm loving this dress as well because of the elaborate bodice. It really adds something unique and different to the otherwise monochromatic look. Of course, brides traditionally wear white. But there's no harm in adding a splash of something extra, like that silvery design. This is another one of Cocomelody's beach wedding dresses

I personally can't see myself having a beach wedding because it will get super messy from all the sand, but I can definitely see it looking fabulous for pictures on the beach and transitioning well for a reception. 

cocomelody 2016 wedding
This is another one of my favorites because of the swirling leaf and flower design. I like how it is more on the nature, bohemian side. It will look so beautiful for an outside wedding, one near lots of trees and stuff. Is it called an orchard? Something like that. You get what I'm trying to describe.

This is one of their 2016 wedding dresses. I would love to wear something like this at my own wedding someday. The sheer panel plus the leaves and flowers have definitely caught my eye!

2016 wedding dresses Cocomelody
Last but not least, this dress is one of favorites as well from their 2016 wedding dress collection. There are also flowers in the design, and I really love how it also adds a bohemian flair to it too. The sweetheart neckline is so gorgeous and flattering; I am a sucker for a great sweetheart neckline. The drape of it also is very slimming and highlights curves in a beautiful way. I just adore how elegant it looks.

If you are ever in need for some wedding dress inspiration, definitely head on over to Cocomelody! They have so many wonderful options you will probably get stressed out over which one to choose. They also have a sale going on, which will be until the end of January! So if you find yourself in need of a wedding dress, whether for an actual wedding or just for modeling in front of your mirror (because of course that is a normal urge to have! Shut up, don't judge), check out their site!

cocomelody sale

And if you are ever in need for more wedding inspiration beyond wedding dresses, I've got another related post where I share some of my winter wedding essentials! Who cares if I'm nowhere near getting married? At least when the time comes, I will be prepared! Don't you want to be prepared too? When your wedding comes, you don't want to be a freaked out, puking, nervous bride with absolutely no clue what to wear, now do you?

That's what I thought.

Lemme know in the comments below what you think! I want to hear about your dream wedding dress as well! 

Thank you for reading, and I wish you all a wonderful day!

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