OOTD Inspo and Mini Clothing Haul: Dresslink Review

Dresslink Review OOTD Inspo Mini Haul Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

Hey everyone!

Today is Oscars night! Are you guys watching it live, or waiting to read up the reviews instead? I usually fall into the latter category because I prefer knowing what happens afterwards, rather than sitting through it all. I just care about the highlights, and not the entire thing. Ain't got the time to sit through it all! Check out my last post on how I would style Colin O'Donoghue if I had the honor of being his stylist!

So this year is a leap year. Did you guys remember that? Because I totally forgot until I was looking at the calendar the other day. So weird how we got an extra day like that. Plus it doesn't really do me much good because it's not like I get the day off or anything. It should be a holiday, and benefit us in some way instead of having to remember there's a random extra day in the month. Wouldn't you agree with me?

Anyways, a while ago, I posted my wishlist of stuff I really liked from Dresslink. And lo and behold, I was lucky and got to get some stuff from their site! I received the three items I wanted from Dresslink, and I wanted to do a review for you guys and share what I think about it. I forgot how exciting it is to receive a package in the mail. Makes me feel like it's my birthday or something. Anyone else feel that way when they get mail? It's just not the same when you open an email or text. Physical mail is way more fun.

While taking photos of the two dresses and the top, I decided to put together an outfit for each to show you how I incorporate them into my existing wardrobe. I wanted to not only share with you guys the clothes I got, but also create some inspiration for how I would style them.

Dresslink gray dress shoulder-cutouts Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam
Gray Dress
The first one is this gray dress with the shoulder cut-outs. Its a body-con sort of dress that hugs your curves. The shoulder cut-outs adds that bit of uniqueness and style to it. I really like how it fits on me, and I was pleasantly surprised that I had chosen the correct size! I thought it would be really difficult to choose the correct size and stuff based on what was listed online, but this ended up as a win! 

Dresslink gray dress Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam
Find the dress here

OOTD Dresslink gray dress with shoulder-cutouts Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

OOTD Inspo Dresslink gray dress with shoulder-cutouts Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

I like how this dress looks on me, and I would definitely wear it. It's something that can easily be thrown on and will make you look good. You can dress it up for something like a date or an important event where you want to look put together. But you can also dress it down and make a more casual look by throwing your hair up into a messy bun. It's very versatile, and you can easily accessorize it. 

Dresslink black crop top Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam
Black Top
The second item I wanted to share was this crop top with shoulder cut-outs as well. Is there a theme going on? ....Don't know. Hahaha

I really like how simple and minimalistic this top is. You can really pair it with any bottoms and it will look good. I was originally going to wear this with a pair of black patterned pants, but I figured these floral pants would photograph better. I love how this looks against the floral pants because they create this great look perfect for spring. The pants are loud with the bright colors and design, but the simple black top with the cut-outs balances it. It's slightly edgy, and very easy to style as well. 

OOTD Inspo Dresslink black crop top Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

Dresslink black crop top shoulder cut outs Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam
Find the top here

OOTD Dresslink black crop top Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

I'm pretty happy with how this top ended up fitting too. The size was good, and I'm really glad this worked out! So far Dresslink has pretty great products! 

Dresslink White Striped Dress Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam
White Striped Dress

The last item I wanted to share is this white striped dress. Okay... so you can tell from the photos how this is the item that didn't end up as well as I hoped. The dress turned out wayyy shorter than expected. It barely covers my derriere. I cannot wear this as a dress because I don't want some incident to happen. So I paired it with black leggings, and it works as a sort of shirt-dress. I chose to add these brown booties because the color complements it. 

OOTD Dresslink White Striped Dress Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

Dresslink Review White Striped Dress Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

OOTD Dresslink White Striped Dress Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam
Find the dress here
It's funny, it fits well on top with the length of the sleeves and the way it hugs my top. But it's too short on me. Maybe if I had ordered a larger size it would have worked? But then I don't know how much of a difference it would have been, if it would have been way looser as well? Either way, I'm okay with how this turned out because I can always get it lengthened. Or I can wear it like this. Or wear it as a shirt, perhaps with a skirt or something? Not entirely sure yet, but this isn't a total lost cause! This is what experimenting is for! Fashion is always about experimenting, and trying out new things to figure out what works best for you.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the stuff I got from Dresslink. I really like the stuff I got, and I can't wait to wear these outfits! I really only threw together these outfits just to experiment with what I can do with these new items in my wardrobe. I haven't actually gone out and about in them yet. Are you the type of person who marks important days by the outfits you wear? Because I am like that. I remember things based on the outfits I wore, and each outfit and each item of clothing carries with it a story. So far these don't have a story to them yet, but hopefully they soon will. Yes, I'm weird. I figured that was already an established fact.

Thank you Dresslink for sending me these items! I really enjoyed throwing together these outfits. Definitely check out their website because they've also got a great sale going on!


Dresslink offers stuff that are only $0.01! I think that's an incredible deal! They also have a bunch of stuff that have free shipping. That's always a plus because shipping is usually the one thing that makes or breaks my decision when shopping. Go give Dresslink a gander and see what peaks your interest!

What are some of your online shopping experiences? How do you sort out the issues you come across? Lemme know in the comments below! I always enjoy reading your opinions!

Thank you for reading! I really hope you enjoyed this, and I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

Til next time,

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