Oscars 2016: Styling Colin O'Donoghue ft. Tommy John

Oscars 2016 Styling Colin O'Donoghue Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

Hey everyone!

The Oscars 2016 are fast approaching. Just a short while ago we had the Grammys. Can you believe how fast time has flew by? I was perusing the aisles at Target the other day, and already there were easter candy and decorations on sale. I can remember this time last year like it was yesterday. It feels that close because every year I like to buy a bag of the Cadbury's dark chocolate easter egg candies to enjoy. Those are so delicious! I can literally eat the entire bag in one sitting, but I don't. Though I could. I really could... Self-control... I really gotta resist!

Anyways, Tommy John reached out to me a few weeks ago asking me how I would style any male celeb of my choosing for the upcoming Oscars. I was delighted to create this post because I love using my creativity and imagination for things like this. Because of my huge obsession with Colin O'Donoghue from Once Upon a Time, I just had to choose him.

After events like the Oscars, Grammys, or other red-carpet events, we always come across reviews and criticism of the fashion choices people made. I personally LOVE watching Grace Helbig's videos, as her criticism is HILARIOUS and so on point! (If you watch her videos too, leave a comment below!) It just seems inevitable for people to NOT end up wearing ridiculous outfits that end up on the bad list. That being said, if I were to have the honor of styling Colin, this is the look I would create to ensure he looks as dashing as ever.

Colin O'Donoghue, for those of you who do not know, is an Irish actor with an alluring accent and gorgeous face. At least, in my opinion. Don't really have to go further than that, huh? You're probably already sold by that description. I know I am. Do I even need to mention that he plays the ever-enticing Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time?

Yeah he is already ravishing as is, but a handsome man dressed up for the Oscars definitely amps up the level of attractiveness.

If I were to style him for the Oscars, I would definitely choose to suit him up in head-to-toe Armani. Specifically something from the Emporio Armani line. I'm not an expert at styling men, after all I am a female and I generally focus on things that I myself can wear because I am selfish like that. I'm pretty sure all you females out there can agree with me on that. However, I do have an opinion on what I think is good-looking on a guy, which is exactly what I chose.

aglimpseofglam Emporio Armani suit and shoes Andrea Tiffany
Image Source: Armani and Pinterest

aglimpseofglam Armani suit
Image Source: Pinterest
Can't you just imagine Colin in this Armani suit looking ever so handsome? As for shoes, I would go with these classic black Armani shoes with a grosgrain trim. Okay whenever I think of Italian shoes it always conjures up that part of High School Musical 2 when Zac Efron as Troy Bolton was bragging about his Italian shoes to Sharpay. Any of you know what part I'm referencing?? I can't NOT think about that! (Speaking of, can you believe High School Musical just hit 10 years?? That was literally my childhood!)

BUT the most important part we cannot forget, the undergarments. Get your mind out of the gutter; I didn't mean it that way. Guys don't really have to worry about nip-slips, but they still can't go around wearing disposable paper underwear and call it a day.

Luckily, Tommy John has great products that would be perfect for occasions like this. They offer a selection of men's underwear that can help prevent the types of embarrassing acts paparazzi loves to prey on.

Tommy John gif
Do you want THIS to happen? Didn't think so.

Tommy John underwear gif
Yeah if a guy did that with me, I probably would be like BYE
Yeah, you don't have to go around awkwardly trying to make sure it stays where it's supposed to be. And with all those cameras and people around at an event like the Oscars, that would just make it ten times weirder if you did that to adjust your underwear. Colin, don't worry. I got you. You will be looking dapper, guaranteed.

Tommy John's has this new line of undergarments called Air. This collection offers undergarments that are very lightweight, something that won't cause discomfort or other fashion blunders that could really subtract from the overall look.

Tommy John Air underwear aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany

These undergarments are way lighter and more convenient. They are more travel friendly and won't be a hassle. So, Colin, if you do take up my styling offer, you won't be caught on bad tabloid pages for your outfit. I mean, the rest is up to you. If you do mess up when you walk, or if you end up doing something else that is media-worthy, that's not my doing. Just wanted to clear that up. Okay? Okay.

What did you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below! Who would you style, and what would you style them in?

Are you excited for the 2016 Oscars?

Thank you for reading, I hope you all had a wonderful week and that you have a fantastic weekend!

Til next time,

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