Banggood Wishlist: Spring Edition

Banggood Wishlist Spring Edition Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

Hey everyone!

How are you guys all holding up? I know I always say this, but I really cannot believe how fast time has gone. Just a short while ago, I was starting winter quarter at school. I remember how I had just only told you guys how I was cramming for midterms, and struggling to find time to relax. Now, I'm prepping for finals! What is this? I feel like I am just now getting comfortable in my classes, and liking how my schedule is. On the bright side, this means break is fast approaching! I cannot wait to finally relax and sleep in guilt-free! Even if it's only for a week. But beggars can't be choosers.

Spring is just around the corner. The weather is warming up, and with that comes the endless rainy days as well. I mean, I'm happy I don't need to bundle up anymore. But, I also find it a hassle to have to carry around an umbrella, or be forced to wear my raincoat all the time. I would love to break out my leather jacket again! ...after all, you guys KNOW how much I LOVE my leather jackets! Just a little bit longer and they will be creeping back into my wardrobe.

To get in the spring spirit, I decided to share my wishlist of stuff I want to get from Banggood. I made a wishlist a couple months ago. I ended up ordered some of the stuff from that wishlist, and the package has finally arrived! I will be a post with the stuff I got from there soon! So keep an eye out. Or two. Because I'm assuming you guys have two eyes. Unless something happened. In that case, sorry if that sounded discriminatory. Yeah... okay. Moving on!

I found this dress while browsing through their selection. I really love this light summery style! It's a great, simple LBD that can be easily dressed up or down for any occasion. You really can't go wrong with a dress like this.

I am in LOVE with bucket bags at the moment! I really love the casual feel of them. They are very convenient to use, and the versatile style can complement many outfits. I chose this bag in brown instead of a standard black because I realized I don't have a brown bag like this. It has a nice boho feel to it. I think it would be perfect to use on a spring day.

The red color of this simple dress caught my eye. I like how it has this casual feel to it. I can definitely see myself throwing on this dress, a pair of sandals, and being ready for an outing. This would look great with that brown bag too. I'm sensing a potential OOTD...are you?

This dress is so adorable! I really love the print of it. It's something unusual, and yet it would fit into my wardrobe so seamlessly. I'm a sucker for a great printed dress or skirt. Plus, with it being in black and white, you won't risk it being too loud for your liking.

Here's another bag that caught my eye. I don't know why but I really like the look of it. Maybe it's because it has this subtle edgy vibe. I can see it pairing well with that printed dress. Perhaps with some black boots as well?

This dress is something I normally would not go for. I love the big gaping sleeves, and the loose drape of it. It's very summery and boho-chic. But, I'm wondering if it's something I can pull off. I really like it though, and there are so many ways to style it too. You can go a minimalist route, or jazz it up with accessories.

This last dress is yet another LBD that I would love to include in my wardrobe. I love lace sleeves. This would also be a great dress for the spring because it's black, so you can add just about anything to spruce it up. It would go great with boots or sandals. It's the perfect transitional piece.

Maybe I should have gone and found some rain jackets to add to the list... Because I mean, I was just complaining about the rainy weather. But I usually stay indoors anyways. So what I wear underneath matters more to me. Perhaps I should just stop being lazy and bring an umbrella, so I can wear my beloved leather jackets again. Ha! Who am I kidding? Lazy is my middle name.

Anyways, wish me luck on my finals! I needed this distraction amidst the flurry of stress as the quarter draws to an end. Go check out Banggood for a great selection of stuff if you are looking for things to buy now that spring is coming! They have so many things to choose from, like dresses. I'm a dress person when it comes to warmer weather. So if you are like me, or if you just like shopping in general, check out the site and lemme know what you would get!

What are some things you guys are desperately wanting to get now that spring is arriving? What do you like to wear most during this time of year? Lemme know down in the comments below!

Thank you for reading! I wish you all a lovely week, and hope you are doing well!

Til next time,

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