Liebster Award: Part Four

Liebster Award Part Four - Andrea Tiffany - aglimpseofglam

Hey everyone!

As you can tell from the title, I was nominated again for the Liebster Award!! I was nominated by Julia Kaylee from Huge thanks to you girl for nominating me! I really appreciate it. I recommend to all of you, my lovely readers, to go check out her blog because she posts awesome content.

What exactly is the Liebster Award, you ask? Basically, this is a fun little tag/award kind of thing where bloggers nominate other bloggers to answer questions. The questions can be as random as they come. It's just a way to find new blogs, and to get to know new people.

So the rules for this tag award thing is basically to:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them
Answer the 11 questions they posed for you
Nominate 11 new bloggers
Create 11 new questions for them to answer
Let them know you nominated them

It's so awesome how I got nominated again for this. I think the timing is what strikes me as interesting. Easter had just passed, and this was actually the time of year when I first got the idea to create my blog. Well, sort of. To some extent. Because my blog did already exist, but not like it is today. So I think it's pretty cool how it came almost full circle.

I hope you guys all had a lovely Easter! On the Saturday before, there was a huge Easter egg hunt event going on at the mall where I work. Well, it's not exactly a mall, but more of an outdoor shopping center, with a gazebo and fountain and such. It was a bright, sunny day out as well. So many people were there, the crowdedness was reminiscent of Disneyland. I've never celebrated Easter myself, but after seeing all of that, doing an Easter egg hunt seems fun! Did you celebrate Easter? If so, comment down below how it was! I'm always curious to hear about the things going on in your lives too!

Last year at around this time was when I first reworked the direction in which I wanted my blog to go. Not many of you were here when this blog first started back in early 2014. I sort of stopped blogging in mid 2014 because I lost sight of where I wanted to go, and I had some things going on in my personal life that distracted me greatly. Last year at this time, I rediscovered the passion and desire to blog again, and I officially reentered the blogging world this past September. That said, in a way I consider Easter (and basically this time of year) as a marking point as well for this blog because of that.

Like I just said, I've previously been nominated a few times for the Liebster Award as well. If you guys are curious, or just got some time in your hands to waste, check out those posts: Liebster Award, Liebster Award: Part Two, and Liebster Award: Part Three. It will allow you to learn more about me, or it would just give you a good laugh because you will see how weird I was back then compared to now. Well, that's assuming I've changed since then. I'm hoping so. Changed for the better, that is. I'm still pretty weird though.

When you read them, you can really see the growth and change my blog has gone through. Reading old posts to me is like reading past journal entries. It makes me chuckle and reminisce on the things going on in my life at that time of the post, you know what I mean? 

Anyways, without further adieu, here are my answers to JK's questions:

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I want to connect with others who have similar passions in life as my own. I also want to share my life, and that includes the ups AND downs. Because of social media and everything, we often see only the glamorized, glorified aspects of people's lives. I created this blog to be real. I have things to say, and opinions to share, and I wanted to have an opportunity to do so. There's probably more I can say about this, but this is pretty much the gist of it.

How long have you been blogging?
Technically, I started this blog back in February 2014. However, it wasn't much back then. I took a huge break, and didn't really make something of this blog until last September 2015. If you find my first ever post I guarantee you will have a good laugh. I know I do when I occasionally read some old posts. I didn't take it down though because I don't want to hide it. It's weird, sort of cringy-worthy, but it's all me.

What's your favorite fashion style?
My favorite fashion style used to be more bohemian, but lately I've started dressing slightly minimalistic and edgy. Comfort is key, but overall appearance matters greatly as well. I like wearing bright patterns, and mixing prints and textures. I love girly skirts and stuff, but also leather and combat boots. I guess, I basically like juxtaposition, not contrasting things that are loud and in-your-face, rather on a subtle level. If that makes sense...

What do you want to learn in the future?
This sounds totally crazy and bizarre, but I think it would be so fun to learn how to fly a helicopter! I do have a fear of heights though, so I don't know how exactly that would work. But, it still sounds really awesome. Comment down below if you agree!
Another thing I want to learn that isn't a physical activity is that I want to learn more psychology. I'm really interested in that stuff, and I think that learning more about how we think and interact as humans is very important. Too bad I don't have any space in my schedule to take another psych class.

If you could live in any Disney/Pixar movies, what world do you want to live in?
Definitely I would want to live in Despicable Me! Those tiny little yellow minions are so adorable!! Either that or Ratatouille because hello? Food?! 

What's your favorite/memorable childhood moment?
In elementary school, at the end of each school year, we got to spend one entire day at the lake. It was basically a huge class party. Except, it wasn't just our class, but it included everyone from the entire grade. I remember how for 5th grade, we went to the park instead of the lake because that was what 5th and 6th graders got to do as the oldest of the school. It was a really fun day for my friends and I. We participated in a huge scavenger hunt that encompassed the entire park, and everyone in our grade was separated into different teams. I was placed in a team with all my close friends. It was also the last year I was in that school with my friends, for the following year I transferred to a different school. The immense amount of joy and happiness from that day still puts a smile on my face whenever I look back and reminisce.

Where do you want to travel? Be Specific!
I would LOVE to travel to Italy one day! France, Spain and Italy. But primarily Italy. I really want to visit Rome, Venice, Florence, Siena... all the beautiful architecture and landmarks. It would be so amazing to see it all and experience it in person.

What's your favorite dessert and why?
Okay, this is gonna get deep. I created this blog with the promise of honesty. So, I have to admit to you guys. My name is Andrea, and I am a chocoholic. 
I love chocolate. My favorite dessert is really anything that includes an ABUNDANT amount of chocolate. Like double, triple, quadruple chocolate. I'm not the biggest cake person. I'm definitely someone who prefers brownies and ice cream. Like a rich, chocolatey mud pie would be amazing. I can literally see it and taste it as I'm typing this all out. Hold on, lemme go wipe off my drool before I continue with this post...

Who's your favorite music artists right now?
I am a huge HUGEE fan of Adele. I even did a whole post on her, which goes to show how far my obsession is. I also really LOVE Elle King, whom I ALSO did a post on! 
Lately, I have been listening a lot to The Pretty Reckless too. They are a rock band, with a darker edge to their sound. Their music is really amazing too. I may plan on doing another Current Music Obsessions post featuring them if you want to hear my more in depth opinion on them! Comment down below if you do!

If you could travel back in time to meet a famous historical person, who do you want to meet and why?
I know that to some extent, this answer can be a bit cliche. But, I really would like to meet Coco Chanel. I watched the movie that portrayed her life, and her success story really inspires me. How she was able to climb to the top, and impact the fashion world in such a profound way really makes me want to make something of myself too. I would love to meet her and hear her story from her point of view. 

What's your dream home?
My dream home would be a beachside home. But, I don't want to be in a place that is too quiet, or in the countryside. I want to be close to the city, but near the waters. Imagine like the Hamptons, like the town shown in the TV show Revenge. At times, I can imagine myself living in a huge bustling city, but I feel like it would become too noisy and distracting over time. 

With that, these are the following 11 who I nominate:

Christy from
Marianne from
Geri, Dianna and Gheline from
Ananya from
Akanksha from
Shannon from
Nathaliya from
HaeMin from
Vera from
Vildana from
Andie from

And you all wonderful people have the pleasure of answering my 11 questions. Don't worry, it's not a test so you can't fail. Well, I mean, if you answer terribly you may or may not lose me as a follower.

Just kidding.
Sort of. Maybe.

Here are the 11 questions:

1. Name the one food you cannot live without and HAVE to eat every week
2. Are you more of a coffee or tea person?
3. What is/are your favorite(s) Netflix show to binge-watch?
4. What is the craziest/wildest thing you have ever done?
5. If you had the opportunity to travel and vacation anywhere with all expenses paid, where would you go and who would you go with?
6. If you got lucky enough to get your blog featured in a magazine, which would it be and why? If not a magazine, what about through social media by anyone? Who would it be?
7. How far ahead in the future do you see yourself as a blogger?
8. Name the top 3 songs you most listen to currently.
9. How did you come up with the name for your blog?
10. Do you see yourself more as someone who uses their left brain or right brain more? (Yes I know scientifically speaking we use both, but I'm saying in terms of rational or creative)
11. Of all your blogposts, which one is your favorite, and why?

I look forward to reading all of your answers! And to those of you whom I did not tag, I am officially nominating you guys to answer these questions in the comments down below as well! I always love learning more about you guys. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, and thank you very much! I wish you all a lovely week!

Til next time,

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