OOTD in Black Red and Leopard: Banggood Review

Banggood Review aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany

Hey everyone!

What do you know! March is already half over. This is crazy. I swear, this past year has been flying by faster than ever. I just finished my finals for winter quarter at school! I can still remember when I just started. I was so worried about the classes I had chosen. After just a few short months, I feel like I had really bonded with people in my classes, and I was really enjoying them. Now, I have to start over again with new classes and new people. On the bright side, summer is getting closer and closer. Spring is starting to creep up on us, and I can see hints of it. It hailed the other day, and apparently that is a sign that spring is here.

I finally found a day where it wasn't stormy to take some pictures of the things I received from Banggood. It literally has been storming so bad the past week, I couldn't venture outside without being attacked by the wind and rain. But the weather has lightened up, and I was able to seize the opportunity to do a review of the stuff I got.

When I did my first wishlist for Banggood back in January, I chose a few pieces I liked the most to get. I got the dress and the ring from my wishlist, and I added in a leopard print scarf in the spur of the moment when I was choosing things. I wasn't really sure how they would all look together as one outfit, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

Banggood black dress aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany

Banggood black dress OOTD aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany
Black Dress from Banggood
I must confess something. I am terribly old-fashioned. I'm not the biggest fan of online shopping. In fact, I'm pretty skeptical of it. However, I was pleasantly surprised with what I got from Banggood

It was a long wait for everything to finally arrive, but that was expected because it was shipping all the way from China. Everything I received was of pretty nice quality for the price. They all arrived without any issues. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with it! 

Banggood review black dress aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany

OOTD Banggood review black dress aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany

What I do have to say about this is that the dress turned out to be too big. It was too loose around the shoulders, waist, and hips. However, I do like the length, the fabric, and the design. It was just like the photos. Sizing was the only issue I encountered. But, I can get it fixed, or tailor it myself. So that problem isn't too bad. 

OOTD Inspo Banggood review black dress aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany

leopard print scarf Banggood review aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany
Scarf from Banggood
Banggood review leaf ring aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany
Ring from Banggood
I ended up really liking the scarf. I am a fan of leopard print, as you guys already know. Plus, the color is so pretty and different from the ones I already own. I think it went well with the dress. 

The ring I got was also a bit too loose. But it fits my thumb fairly well, so I consider it a win. I made it work, and that's what counts right? 

Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam Banggood Review

Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam Dutch braid hairstyle

This hairstyle is literally my go-to hairstyle. I wear it for a lot of occasions. Having the front Dutch-braided, then pulled back into a low ponytail with lots of texture and volume is very versatile. 

Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam Banggood Review OOTD

The black boots are the same ones I wore from before. I chose to pair them with this look because I felt like it was simple and didn't draw too much attention away from the rest of the outfit. Also, they lengthened my legs, and I like to wear heels when I wear dresses. I'm on the short side, so I love wearing heels! 

Overall, I like the stuff I got from Banggood. Perhaps I maybe warming up to the idea of online shopping? I tend to be a very old-fashioned kind of person. I like in-person interactions a lot more. I can't stand a lot of the music that's popular nowadays. I love looking back to past fashion trends, and other retro things. I sometimes wonder if I was born in the wrong period. Anybody else feel that way too? 

Anyways, with the quarter over, I finally have a week off to relax. I'm looking forward to planning out some blogposts I've been meaning to do for a long time. So keep an eye out! I also really am excited to just plant my butt on my couch, and catch up on the latest episodes of How to Get Away With Murder. After being out all the time, I really want to spend some time at home. It's been a fun, but exhausting quarter. I'm actually sort of nervous for next quarter though. I have piled on even more things on my plate. We will see how this goes! 

Check out Banggood for some awesome products like the ones I got!

What do you guys think? How do you think the black dress is working for me? Lemme know in the comments below if you are a dress or pants kind of person! 

As always, thank you so much for reading. I really appreciate it, and I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Til next time,

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