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Hey everyone!

The Lip Product Tag has been circulating for awhile now, and I got tagged awhile back. I'm finally getting around to doing it! The lovely Kay from shoesandglitter had kindly tagged me eons ago. And I deeply apologize that I haven't gotten around to it until now. Do me a favor, and go check out her blog. She is amazing, and her posts are a great read! I love reading about her reviews on perfumes in particular because I admit I know nearly nothing about perfumes, while she is pretty much an expert.

Quick update on my life. Spring is finally here. The weather is getting warmer out. The sun is shining (on the rare days when it isn't storming out because Seattle likes to constantly rain). Best of all, I am on break! Only for a week, but it is still better than nothing. After a hectic, stressful quarter, nothing feels better than to be able to lie around at home guilt-free.

Remember how I was worried about my finals? Yeah, there was more to the story than that. As I've mentioned before, I was taking a ceramics class, art history, and nutrition. However, it was the ceramics class that caused the most stress for me. I am an art major, but I also thought that ceramics would be a nice, relaxing class I could take that would require little brainwork. I was way off. Ceramics is a fickle medium to work with; the many complicated projects we were assigned left me staying really late many nights, and constantly worried about the state of my clay. Luckily, I had some previous experience working with clay because I took some classes back in high school. But, it was still a struggle.

I feel like a lot of times, professors don't realize that as college students, we have other things going on in our lives besides their one class. Add onto that my desire to seek perfection, and you can see why I was so stressed out. For our final project, we had to create a work to perform a ritual that involves three or more people. I came up with a great idea. I had it all down and nearly finished, when it broke. Not just a few minor cracks here and there. No. It was broken to the point where I just had to restart. Once I had FINALLY finished redoing 30 hours of meticulous work, it broke again. But in a different spot. I literally felt so frustrated, I was tempted to just throw it all out a third-story window and break down in tears. That last part (the crying) did happen... But I did manage to salvage what I had in the end! Thank the lord, or else I would have reconsidered my choice in major, which would lead to me rethinking going to college, and then contemplating becoming a hermit who never leaves her parents' house. Ever. Am I exaggerating? No... Maybe.. Okay fine yes. But if you were in my position, you would have felt the same!

Other than that, my finals went well! I aced my other tests. I'm now happily enjoying break knowing that the quarter was stressful, but worth it. Relaxing is nice, but it feels weird to not have something to worry about. Stress can be kind of addicting. Or is that just me?

The Lip Product Tag Andrea Tiffany

Anyways, onto the Lip Product Tag! (Man, it feels really nice to be talking about a topic as such, rather than frantically reading articles about drip painting, Cage's obsession on the excellence of everyday life, Greenberg's theories on medium specificity, and other complicated topics.) Comment down below if you actually know what I just mentioned! 

Okay enough babbling about random stuff! Without further adieu..the questions for the LIP PRODUCT TAG are as follows:

The Lip Product Tag from Andrea Tiffany

Favorite Balm or Treatment?
My holy grails for these would definitely have to be... NUMERO UNO Aquaphor. Because I cannot live without that stuff. I prefer it over Vaseline (which is essentially the same in consistency, but also not). There is just something about Aquaphor that makes my lips feel rejuvenated, like a baby's bum. 
I also LOVE Burt's Bees. The original peppermint and the special-addition cocoa mint are the ones I'm currently using. But I love any flavor of Burt's Bees, especially the mango one. Have you tried that yet? It smells SO good! 

Favorite Eye-catching Red?
I'm gonna be upfront about this one. I don't normally wear reds. I'm sorry. Taylor Swift (one of my faves, I've loved her since I was a wee child plus her style is on fleek lately) is gonna be disappointed in me. BUT! There's a but. But, I do wear berry colors. I just don't wear red reds. I recently tried out one of the ColourPop Lippie Stix, in the shade Bichette (hahaha I found that name very fitting). I received it as part of a gift from my friend. I really love this stuff. The color is gorgeous, and it doesn't leave your lips feeling dry and gross. 

Best Luxury and Drugstore Product?
I don't normally splurge much on lip products, mostly because they are the least used of all makeup for me. I know. It's weird. I love makeup and stuff, but I generally steer towards eye makeup. However, I do love trying out samples of high-end products. Samples are the BEST. I've tried out the Shiseido lipstick (several times in fact, but in samples). It is really great. The color is a soft pink. The consistency of it is really smooth and rich. Would I buy the actual thing? Maybe... If I stop getting samples. 
I'm a drugstore kind of gal. I love shopping for makeup at drugstores (like Target!!) or Ulta. My favorite drugstore lip product of the moment is the E.L.F. Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Movie Star. It looks red in the tube, but it's actually a nice light tint. It is very moisturizing, and the pencil form makes it really easy to use. It's great quality for the price. It's actually quite surprising how nice it is. Yeah, it's not the best stuff in the world, but I have repurchased it several times. 

Best MAC Lipstick?
Going with what I previously mentioned, I want to let you guys all know that I have yet to try any MAC lipsticks. Comment down below YOUR favorite, and I just might go and pick one up to try!

Most Disappointing Lip Product?
I heard so many great things about the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms. I bought one in Striking, hoping that it would live up to its hype. The color is beautiful, a bright reddish-pink. But, I just did not like the way it felt on my lips. Plus, the color was not as rich, and it didn't glide on smoothly. It went on sort of patchy. I don't know. Maybe I bought a faulty one? Either way, it wasn't as good as I had hoped.

Lip Liner - Yes or No?
No. Sorry guys. But I'm not about that Kylie Jenner trend. I don't really see a huge need for lip liner. Although I can see the benefits of lip liner because it does help keep color in check. I generally go for a more natural makeup look, which is why I don't use lip liner. 

Favorite Lip Gloss?
My favorite lip gloss will have to be Etude House Magic Tint Balm. A couple years ago my family and I traveled to Hong Kong, and we spent a week in Korea as well. I picked up this nifty little thing during my stay in Korea. I LOVE this stuff! It comes in a small container, so it's not the most hygienic ever. It goes on like a balm, with a smooth consistency. The soft shimmer and shine is really pretty, and it has a slight hint of pink as well. It's not like your typical lip gloss, but I really like it because it doesn't go on too gloopy and sticky. I love applying it over a lip color, like the ColourPop Lippie Stix. 

...and other honorable mentions I'd like to add
Other products I'm obsessed with are Fresh lip balm, Palladio high intensity balm, NARS velvet matte lip pencil, The Body Shop born lippy balms, and Aveeno lip balm. 
Fresh lip balms are amazing! There's a lot of hype over them, and I can definitely see why. They've got SPF and are slightly tinted. Really great stuff. 
Also, the Palladio lip product is soo good too! Palladio in general as a brand is really great. I love their line of makeup, and this lip pencil in particular has great color payoff and is super moisturizing. This is what I hoped would come of the Revlon Colorburst balm. 
Everyone knows how great NARS lip pencils are. And I completely agree. They are SO worth the money! I love it. The only downside is that using a pencil sharpener wastes precious product. 
The Body Shop born lippy balms have been my favorite from since I was very young. My mom bought them as well. I remember growing up I loved to steal her born lippy balm in Strawberry to use, as it smells divine and is so moisturizing. Using this stuff brings back memories, and after all these years it still remains just as good as I remember. 
This last one, the Aveeno balm is sadly discontinued!! I first used it several years ago. I came across it while I was on vacation, and I needed an SPF balm. The smell was a subtle vanilla. It was perfect for me because it didn't irritate my sensitive skin. This brand in general is amazing. Like I've mentioned in an old post where I babbled about Aveeno's Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15, Aveeno is a great brand. And I'm not sponsored by it. BUT IT'S DISCONTINUED!! AGHHH!! I've yet to find a replacement that is just as good. 

makeup bag aglimpseofglam Andrea Tiffany

Do you guys like my makeup bag?? Believe it or not, but I actually sewed it myself! I bought fabric and other supplies, and made it. I really wanted to have a makeup bag that has an inner zipper pocket. I use this bag to hold makeup and other necessities for school. The inner pocket is SUPER handy to store feminine hygiene products, and other embarrassing things you don't want people to see if you happen to open it. I thought that the cabbage design on the lining fabric went surprisingly well with the cow print. Although it is not made of waterproof material, I still really like the overall color and design I created. What do you think?

I may have more lip products that I like, but those are all the ones I can think of at the moment. Comment down below if you have ever tried any of those that I mentioned!!

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Those of you whom I didn't tag feel free to answer these questions too! I would LOVE to read your responses! I like trying out new products, and I also am curious if you guys like the ones I use too.

I hope you guys are having an amazing week! Break is almost over for me sadly enough. But it has been very relaxing and nice. I'm really hoping this coming quarter will be just as enriching and exciting as the past one has been. Fingers crossed! If not though, at least I got summer to look forward to.

Thank you for reading! And I wish you all a wonderful day!

Til next time,

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