Guest Post: How to Pack Light and Still Look Stylish

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Hey everyone!

I really hope your week is going well! The weekend is almost here. Not to mention, summer! We are fast approaching the time of year when thoughts of vacation and traveling circulates our minds like no other. Some of us, like yours truly, have already had spring break. Others are about to, or are having a relaxing spring break right now. Regardless, I'm pretty sure all of us are planning on traveling at some point or another. Just to get away from everyday life, and to experience something new.

Today, I have a guest post to share with you all! This is written by Jae Rustia from the Australian brand Babyboo. So without further adieu...


For me, travelling is a time to play with fashion. Whether I am going to an old city to witness all of its history or a small village that is full of charm, I want to look elegant and timeless so I can look back on the photos taken on these trips and not regret my fashion choices.

Travelling is also a time for me to forget about my everyday routine and kick some of my bad habits like checking my emails every ten minutes and other stress related baggage. I like to travel light and take only that which is really necessary so I can feel as free and relaxed as I possibly can during this time.

It took some trial and error, but these days, I have mastered the art of packing light while looking stylish on holiday. The following are some of the things I pack to look good on holiday, without having to pack up my whole entire wardrobe.

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Feminine, light weight and most importantly, taking up very little space, dresses are my go to style pieces whenever I go on holiday. I love how easy these one pieces are to fold and to pack. More importantly, dresses that flatter my body shape are always a good idea. I opt for tonal colours as well as patterned ones but I do stick to classic silhouettes.  
caged lace ups

There isn’t a time for heels when I am on holiday. What with so many walks and things to do, I like to stick to flats and comfortable shoes that won’t make me have to stop every few steps. This said, I like to go for shoes that will look good and elegant with the dresses I wear and that is why lately, I have been going for pointy ballet pumps and especially, caged lace ups as they are so on trend. More than that, with there being no heels, these pumps take far less space in my luggage.

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Tops, knitwear and jumpers are all great for a holiday but to create a stylish look without occupying too much space when packing I often opt for blouses. Not only is the blouse such a classic and elegant piece that is always stylish and on trend but blouses also take so little space. I have literally taken a dozen blouses at a time and still had plenty of space to go.

Peg Trousers

Tying up with the blouses, peg trousers are a great alternative to denim or other trousers when you want to travel in style. The material of peg trousers is often very light and thin which makes them easier to fold and pack in very limited space.

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An alternative to the dress, the jumpsuit is another way of packing a whole look in one style item. Whether you go for a backless piece or a long sleeved one, structured or loose, the jumpsuit is perfect to bring style and comfort on holiday when travelling light.


Pleated or maxi, sheer or lace, skirts are another option to trousers you can pack in your luggage. I love travelling with skirts — you can wear them to visit museums and churches by day and you can rock them for a romantic dinner at night or to party the night away.

There you have it. These are my go to style pieces I pack in my luggage when I want to travel light. Of course, there is always a statement piece that may take up more space than the rest of the style items, like a chunky knit or a great jacket, but those are one or two pieces that we can all afford to pack if we keep the rest of the things packed in a small area.

Do you have your own tips for travelling light? Share your thoughts below!


I hope you all enjoyed reading this guest post! Definitely lemme know in the comments what you think! 

Thank you for reading, and I wish you all a lovely day!

Til next time,

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