Because Summer is Just Around the Corner: Banggood Wishlist

Because Summer is Just Around the Corner: Banggood Wishlist - A Glimpse of Glam

Hey everyone!

Do you know those mornings when you open your closet door to a fully stocked wardrobe, and you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear? I get that quite a lot. I feel at loss of inspiration, though to another person it would seem like limitless options. When those moments strike, I know it's time to start browsing online for outfit inspiration, whether it be updating myself on the latest trends, finding new ways to repurpose old favorites, or simply compiling a list of items I would like to add.

Creating a wishlist is a great way for me to figure out just what it is I feel I am lacking. I've done this on several occasions before. One site I like to browse when creating a wishlist is Banggood. They have a wide selection to choose from. Clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor, etc.

Just like with Pinterest and Instagram, I can literally spend eternity browsing shops online. Just bookmarking one thing after another. Opening up millions of tabs. Imagining ways I could integrate the piece into my existing wardrobe. Then I look at the clock and realize my "five minute" break had turned into an hour, and my blinking cursor is still at the same spot I left it on the blank Word document.

Point is, I created another wishlist of things I like from Banggood. I figured why not share it with others who would probably like a lot of the stuff I chose as well? Never any harm in getting another opinion. I gotta make sure it isn't just my inspiration-deprived mind talking that is influencing my mind into thinking something is worthy when it isn't.

Denim Dress Banggood - A Glimpse of Glam
Denim Dress
I normally would not actually think about getting something like this, but for some reason this actually caught my eye. I think this would look really great on its own, or even unbuttoned and worn as a jacket.

Blue Chiffon Top Banggood - A Glimpse of Glam
Blue Chiffon Top
This top looks similar to ones I already own mostly because of the material. I like the flow and drape of chiffon, and this top would be a great addition for the summer. The royal blue is so bright and vibrant, it would look really great paired with some white shorts or light-washed jeans. What do you think?
Crocodile Bag Banggood - A Glimpse of Glam
Crocodile Bag
This bag looks so awesome. I HAD to add it to my list. Of everything I have in this wishlist, I love this bag the most. The crocodile print of the material really gives the bag character, and the color is so versatile and easy to work with. It would be great for the daytime, or a night out. Honestly, the only issue with this is the small size because that means I can't cram a bunch of (useless) stuff in there.
Olive Jacket Banggood - A Glimpse of Glam
Olive Jacket
This jacket isn't a novel idea or anything because I've seen it everywhere. And that's just it. I've seen this style so often, and I have a jacket in this color, but not this actual jacket itself. If I had this, I can see myself wearing this all the time.

Black Mesh Top Banggood - A Glimpse of Glam
Black Shirt
I love how sweetheart necklines look, and this shirt has a variation of it. The top has an intricate mesh design too. The only downside to this is that I should be careful of not sitting out in the sun too long in it because it would create very bizarre tan lines.
Graphic Tee Banggood - A Glimpse of Glam
Graphic Tee
What drew me to this shirt was the abstract print it had. It's very eye-catching, and the cut of this oversized shirt is different from ones I already own.

I quite like the selection Banggood has to offer. What I don't like though is how long it takes to ship, as it is a half a world away. But, nothing can ever be perfect. At least, that's what one of my favorite childhood TV shows taught me. (Comment down below if you know which one I'm referencing!)

What did you think of the pieces I chose? What's currently on your wishlist? Lemme know in the comments below! I always love finding out what other people want to get.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead. Here in the US it's going to be a long weekend because of Memorial Day. I'm definitely looking forward to a day off!

Til next time,

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