OOTD Inspo: Boho-Chic LBD with Slit Sleeves ft. Banggood

OOTD Inspo Boho Chic LBD with Slit Sleeves ft Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

Hey everyone!

I know you are all probably wondering, "Geez Andrea what's with the little black dress obsession lately?" And okay, it's only two dresses! It can't count as an obsession until I hit the third one. But fine, you do have a point there. I have been loving black lately. I am usually one for colors, but black does have a special place in my heart, and my wardrobe. As mentioned in my last post, here is a review of the second dress I received recently from Banggood. This was also featured in my spring wishlist that I wrote awhile back. 

OOTD Inspo Boho Chic LBD ft Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam
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OOTD Boho Chic LBD ft Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

Boho Chic LBD with slit sleeves ft Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

There is just something so satisfying in throwing on a dress. As I've mentioned in the past, I am a dress lover. When I can, I like to wear dresses and skirts. They are so easy and breezy (but not Covergirl haha). One step and outfit is almost complete. Could you BE any lazier than that? (By the way, did anyone else hear Chandler Bing's voice in their heads when reading that?)

OOTD Boho Chic LBD with open slit sleeves ft Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam
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What I really love about this dress is how bohemian it is. That's what caught my eye when I was browsing through Banggood's selection of dresses making my wishlist. The belt is NOT included; I added that myself. But I chose that particular belt because it accentuated the boho-vibe of the overall dress. 

Perhaps it is from the open slit sleeves that run down my arm. Or the whimsical high-low cut hem. Or maybe the light and airy chiffon material. Either way, this little black dress definitely has a boho-chic look. With a pair of flat-soled sandals thrown on, this is so perfect for spring and summer. 

Boho Chic Little Black Dress with slit sleeves ft Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

OOTD Boho-Chic LBD with slit sleeves ft Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

This dress does not come with a belt. I added that myself. I think I have a knack for choosing items in sizes too large. This dress came just slightly looser than I had hoped. But, it worked out great once I added a belt. I realized that had this come in a size smaller, the hem would fall too short and I would potentially risk a Marilyn Monroe incident. 

On a taller person, the loose drape would work without a belt necessary. However, on my small frame, a belt is necessary to add some shape and dimension to the dress to prevent making me look like I'm wearing a tent around.

OOTD Boho-Chic Dress with Slit Sleeves ft. Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

I purposely chose to add this thicker belt to cinch around my waist because of the print. This sort of tribal print further carries on this boho vibe. Unlike the other dress I got from Banggood with the lace sleeves, I chose a thick patterned belt because it did not take away from the dress. Rather, it contributed to the overall effect. The other dress required a daintier, skinnier belt due to the overall drape and design. 

OOTD Inspo Boho-Chic Dress with Open Slit Sleeves ft. Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

OOTD Boho-Chic Dress with Slit Sleeves from Banggood - Andrea Tiffany aglimpseofglam

Overall I am very satisfied with the look. I really like this dress. Similar to the other one, I can definitely see myself wearing it when out with friends or family. It's not a style I see often out on the streets, but that's what I like about it. It's boho-chic in a unique way. I mean, most bohemian looks usually consist of and floral prints, muted colors, flowy fabrics. This open slitted sleeve gives the dress a different look and adds character. It is sexy without being overtly so. You also won't die of heat from the long sleeves because it's so nice and airy. 

The quality of it is very nice for the price. If you are on the lookout for an affordable summer dress, check out Banggood! Look at my previous post if you want inspiration on another little black dress with cool, accented sleeves.

I took these photos on the same day as I did for last post. It was scorching out! But I can proudly say the slits helped because had I worn a dress with full on long-sleeves, I would have died. Seriously guys, I need to build up my tolerance again. I also need to go out and purchase some more sunscreen. I wear sunscreen year-round, but not on my entire body. Who needs to waste sunscreen on legs and arms when all you're baring out is your face? 

Are you someone who would go for a bohemian look like this? How do you feel about the slit sleeves? 

Speaking of shopping (that segue there though), have you done your mother's day gift shopping yet? I  sure hope you have because Mother's Day is tomorrow, or today depending on where you live. If not, then you win the biggest-procrastinator award. I mean, I thought I was lazy and procrastinated a lot...

For me it is tomorrow. I consider my mother and I to be fairly close. I love my mother so much, and I appreciate everything she does for my sister and me. I mean, just like with most mother-daughter relationships there are moments where we don't agree. But, for the most part we get along really well. 

It's difficult for my sister and I to figure out the best "gift" to get our mother because we feel like material goods cannot fully show our love and appreciation. Which is why I generally like to go the homemade route and bake/cook up some food instead. I really love making food to show my love because making food takes time and effort. It's also something you can enjoy with your mom. Make something you both love to eat, and you can enjoy it together. 

What are you doing for Mother's Day? Share in the comments below!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week, and Happy Mother's Day!! Thanks for reading!

Til next time,

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