OOTD: How I Style These Well Loved Grey Shorts

OOTD Grey Shorts A Glimpse of Glam Andrea Tiffany

Hey everyone!

If there's one thing in my wardrobe that I can always count on when the weather gets hot are these grey shorts. They are so versatile and comfortable. I've had them for the longest time ever. Just for the sake of this post, I thought back to when I actually bought them. I think it was five years ago. And they still fit the same, and are in great condition. I remember it was five years ago because I had taken a mirror selfie of them to send to my friend for her input using my old phone's really low-quality camera.

Well, here they are five years later and I'm still loving them. Guess that purchase really was worth it. It's not my oldest piece of clothing that I still love, but five years is still remarkable.

What's one of the oldest pieces in your wardrobe that you still love to wear to this day?

OOTD Grey Shorts - A Glimpse of Glam Andrea Tiffany

OOTD: Grey Shorts A Glimpse of Glam Andrea Tiffany
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Here, I paired the shorts with a plain black tank and sheer black blazer. I threw on my brown lace-up boots and called it a day. It's quite monochromatic and simple compared to my usual bright colors. But, I like the way the soft shade of grey goes with the brown of the boots. It brings out the warmth of the grey. 

I was going to wear a black cardigan with this, but I chose to wear a sheer black blazer instead. It pulls it all together and makes the look sharper rather than casual, which is what the shoes do. The matching belt that ties in the front is what I really love about these shorts the most. They add a nice emphasis to the shorts.

Grey Shorts Outfit Inspo - A Glimpse of Glam Andrea Tiffany

Clothes to me carries with them stories. Stories of where they have been. They are an essential part of memories for me. When I want to remember something, I try to also remember what I wore. For some reason, it helps me remember more clearly everything. It helps set the scene and conjure back up those feelings and emotions. 

First day of high school freshmen year. It was a long black cardigan, ruffled white crop top, black skinny jeans, brown flats. I can still hear the shrill sound of the bell signaling classes starting and ending. The butterflies fluttering in my stomach as I nervously ventured into school without my best friends by my side. A warm bead of sweat trailing down my back as I thought of the daunting year ahead. Little did I know it would lead to a great, wonderful four years. 

First day of high school senior year. Denim shorts, black sandals, my blue Link Crew t-shirt. I was a Link Leader, being the older "wiser" senior helping out a group of incoming freshmen. Joyous bursts of laughter filling the halls as I met up with my best friends, recounting the memories of the past summer. Teachers whom I've grown to love and respect welcoming us back with warm smiles to our final year at the school. The sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies drifting through the halls as lunchtime drew nearer.

First day of university freshmen year last year. Black and white printed leggings, taupe square neckline top, long dark grey vest, black boots. Rain pelted down hard, creating rhythmic beats on the roof that matched the anxious thumping in my chest. A crowd of students swarming every hall and building, with the stampede making me lose my bearings. The clawing desire to reinvent myself giving me motivation to paste on a friendly smile. 

First day of university sophomore year this year. Dark green printed pants, bright pink chiffon top with a high neckline, knitted grey cardigan, black boots. Striding fearlessly into the classroom as I took a seat by my friend, whom I've grown close to in only a matter of a year. A crushing whir of coffee beans being ground up for the espresso machine in my new favorite coffee place on the basement level of the art building. The sweet relief that I knew where every good sitting area with a working outlet was for my dying phone.

Clothes hold great memories for me. Just thinking of a particular outfit can bring back everything that happened while wearing it. When people say clothes have feelings, I agree. Only it's not the clothes themselves that have the feelings, it's the fact that the clothes carry with them feelings. How sentimental are you when it comes to clothes?

Grey Shorts OOTD - A Glimpse of Glam Andrea Tiffany

Grey Shorts Black Blazer - A Glimpse of Glam Andrea Tiffany

Boho Twist Braid Half-Up Hairstyle - A Glimpse of Glam Andrea Tiffany

I also been styling my hair like this a lot lately. I've shown it briefly in the past in an older post, and on Instagram. (If you don't follow me already, what are you doing?) It's a super simple style, with two twist braids on either side of my head joining together at the back, creating an easy half-up do. I love doing these twist braids because the soft poofs on either side are easy to fluff up and add volume. Paired with wavy hair it adds a slight bohemian flair, while with straight hair it looks nice and polished. You can pull the rest of your hair back into a low ponytail that looks messy and edgy, like I've shown before as well. It's really such an easy go-to that I've been really loving so much when I can't be bothered to do actual intricate braids and styles.

Just like this go-to hairstyle, my grey shorts are something I always find myself wearing every now and then. They have been worn and loved for years, and hopefully for years to come. I'm on the lookout for more shorts that have this sort of tie-front belt as well. I never realized how much I loved the belted part until I really thought about what it was about these shorts that add so much flair compared to others.

What do you think? What is something from your wardrobe that holds many memories for you? Lemme know in the comments below, as I always love hearing your thoughts!

I hope you all enjoyed reading, and that you have a fantastic week!

Til next time,

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