Guest Post: Ultimate Guide Boho-Chic Bridal Shower

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I swear this is not some preplanned idea or something, but weddings seems to be a recurring theme here. My previous post talked about places to get great dresses. I've also got posts on wedding essentials, and other fun stuff as such. There is just so much that goes into a wedding to talk about.

Today I've got a guest post to share with you all written by Sophia Smith. I hope you enjoy!
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Ultimate Guide: Boho-Chic Bridal Shower

Being a maid of honor is considered one of the biggest privileges, and a crowning moment in a friendship between women. With such an important role come specific duties. It is not only about standing by the bride side on the big day. Along with the responsibility of planning the bachelorette party, a maid of honor is in charge of the bridal shower as well.

A maid of honor has a list of responsibilities when it comes to organizing such an event, and while you can let loose and go crazy with a bachelorette party, throwing a bridal shower asks for a gentle touch of elegance. And what style is more elegant and soft than boho chic. Depending on the season, the bridal shower can be in or outside. This guide will offer you great ideas and options for planning the perfect bridal shower, one that the blushing bride is certain to remember forever. So let’s start!

The Venue

The most important part of any bridal shower planning is picking out the venue. For a boho style a perfect option would be a garden party or any type of location that has a space outside. It gives the party a nice summery feel and it helps set the mood for decoration.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a winter bridal shower and an open venue isn’t an option, choosing a simple, quaint location, with a lot of whites and pastel colors is a great way to go. When opting for a boho inspired bridal shower, you should treat the space as a beautiful white canvas to be painted in complementary pastels.

The Decoration 

One of the key factors in achieving boho feel are the lights, well placed white or pale Christmas lights that just blend with the surroundings. They can be hung all through the yard, framing the location, or just on the walls of the indoor venue.

Other important element is the rhapsody of colors that makes bohemian style so appealing. You can add colorful table decorations, strategically place fabric throughout the yard and the seating. Finally add some finishing touches with the right pillows and candle lanterns. Colorful broken glass lanterns are a perfect table accessory of any boho inspired bridal shower.

The Program

Setting the tone and choosing the location does not mean that the maid of honor’s work is done. Apart from the theme, each boho bridal shower has to have a program, an itinerary of what comes when. And if you want to have a successful boho shower, wanderlust is the perfect inspiration for different games that you can organize. From trivia quiz that would include all the bride’s dream destinations, to oriental themed arts and crafts that would result in beautiful keepsakes.

Let’s not forget the gifts, it is shower after all. The most common boho inspired gifts for bride include stylish lingerie, jewelry and bags with a travel inspired print. Whether the bride will admit it or not, the gift giving portion is always the favorite part of the whole program.

No bridal shower is complete without music, specially a boho one. So create a playlist of chill and relaxing feel good songs that will complement the venue and decorations. For those who want to go all out and create an authentic bohemian bridal shower, a live music band would be the best choice.

Two in One

A bridal shower is the perfect location for all the women to come together, and celebrate the upcoming event with the bride-to-be. So it is no surprise that some of the brides do enjoy turning it into a pre-wedding fashion show.

Just imagine, dimmed lights, an improvised cat walk and all the bridesmaids dresses on display, with the bride coming out last, modeling her boho wedding perfect gown. What better way for a group of ladies to enjoy the evening. Such an event can be accompanied by great music and a photographer to capture it all, making this an everlasting memory.

Weddings are such joyful events, but for most brides, bridal showers and bachelorette parties are just as important. It is the duty of the maid of honor and other bridesmaids to help organize both of these events, and what better theme than boho for a soft, gentle and stylish bridal shower.

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Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is also very passionate about DIY projects, latest fashion trends and photography. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.

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