OOTD: Fall Inspo ft. Fashion Mia

OOTD Fall Inspo ft Fashion Mia - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing well! I’ve been gone for the past couple weeks because I was away on vacation. My family and I took a trip to New England on a cruise. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a couple pictures where I mentioned it. I had no cell service and very little internet access the entire time, so I didn’t get a chance to blog about it during the trip. However, I took a buttload of pictures and I have plenty of interesting stories to share with you all. Like the fact that I spent a night stranded at the airport worrying that my luggage was lost, and freaking out about getting to our destination in time to board the cruise ship. Plenty to share with you all. But I’m saving that for a bit later. So just hold on tight for now.

Today, I’ve got some outfits that would hopefully lend some inspiration for your fall wardrobe. These feature items I got from Fashion Mia. Fashion Mia is a site that has a vast variety of clothes, accessories, and other wonderful products to choose from. Everything is at a reasonable price, and of great quality as well. I highly recommend it. 

Their service is really remarkable too. Fashion Mia first contacted me back in May, and we hit a few bumps along the rode because of items being out of stock and such. However, they are super easy to contact, and were very helpful. They quickly responded to any and every email I sent, and provided great customer service. I received the packages without too much of a wait, and I am definitely satisfied with what I got. 

OOTD Fall Camel Colored Jacket Fashion Mia - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

OOTD Fall Inspo Camel Colored Jacket from Fashion Mia - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

The first item I chose from Fashion Mia is this lightweight camel colored jacket. This is the perfect jacket to wear in the fall. Dressing for the fall can get finicky what with the cold mornings and sunny hot afternoons. This jacket helps with transitioning not only summer outfits to fall, but cooler mornings to afternoons. 

I’ve got a multitude of compliments when wearing this jacket. It is a gorgeous color that styles nicely, and is the image of fall. Here I styled it with the black top I got from Banggood I posted about a while ago, black jeans, and tan booties I’ve shared as well in my country concert post. Just by pulling on this jacket, I was able to transition those ankle boots from a summer look to a fall outfit. 

You can wear this jacket with shorts, skirts, dresses, or pants. Jackets with a lapel like this that cinches at the waist are the best style to go for if you want to look chic without having to do too much. I’ve been reaching for this jacket a lot since I’ve gotten it.

OOTD Fall Inspo Black Zippered Jacket - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

OOTD Fall Black Zippered Jacket - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

OOTD Fall Inspo Black Zippered Jacket Fashion Mia - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

I also love this black jacket I got as well. At first glance it looks like some kind of thin leather jacket, but it isn’t. It’s made of a thin synthetic material. There are shoulder pads that also add some oomph to your look, giving it a bit of a retro spin. I actually quite like the shoulder pads. At first, they really bugged me. But after trying out the jacket for awhile, I notice how the shoulder pads almost make me look taller in a way. They also lend the appearance a blazer can give, making the jacket look fitted. I can see why shoulder pads were trendy back then. Though I wouldn’t wear ones too extreme. That would be too much.

I chose to pair this jacket with black jeans and the tan booties as well, but I wore this with a black and white tribal print shirt. I chose the tan booties to add a bit of color and interest to the otherwise monochromatic outfit. I also felt like this jacket asked for some additional height that heeled boots lend. I could have gone for a plain solid colored top instead, but wearing a printed top that isn’t too overwhelming helps keep the shirt from looking too much like an undershirt. Plus, the tribal print also compliments the tasseled boots, and ties it all together.

Wearing this outfit definitely made me feel a bit kickass. Gave me some Quantico vibes. I just recently started watching this show! Binge-watched an entire season in 3 days. It’s sooo addicting! Do you guys watch Quantico?

OOTD Fall Striped Romper - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

OOTD Fall Striped Romper Fashion Mia - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

This beige printed romper I got is an example of a way to transition outfits from summer to fall. You don’t have to lock away your summer wardrobe just yet. You can easily find ways to incorporate hot weather clothes in October and possibly November if you style them right. Depending on the colors of course. 

Because this romper is neutral-hued, this goes perfectly for the fall. Fall is all about neutrals and warm colors like reds, oranges, yellows, browns, so on and so forth. Here I chose to keep the color focus on the romper, wearing a black lace jacket, grey opaque tights, and black combat boots with it. 

OOTD Fall Inspo Striped Romper - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

This is a great outfit you can wear to school, or when you are out and about. The romper is slightly on the longer side in terms of how long the shorts are on me. The black jacket is cropped and balances that out. Perhaps it’s because I’m rather petite, which is why this romper falls lower on me than I expected. I chose grey tights rather than black to make the light colors of the romper work. And black boots because why not? 

The last couple outfits I wore during my cruise to New England. On on of those days it was a bit cooler out, so I threw on a slate grey leather jacket on with the romper outfit. Thus another example of how to transition rompers to the fall.

When on vacation I like being comfortable, so I can have my attention on what to do rather than how to adjust my clothes. Because these work for vacation, they definitely work for other occasions like school or whatnot.

Chemainus BC - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Trip to Chemainus BC - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Chemainus in BC - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

The first outfit was from when I visited my grandmother in Canada. During my stay, we went to the town of Chemainus. Chemainus is famous for their huge murals on the sides of there buildings. It’s quite remarkable to see the murals and the beauty of this small town. It’s the kind of town that reminded me of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. It didn’t help that the soft guitar music played by a local was so reminiscent of the town troubadour. Seriously, I adore small towns like this. Speaking of… the four-episode special of Gilmore Girls is so close! Only two months away!

Wall Murals in Chemainus BC - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Town of Chemainus BC - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Wall Art Chemainus BC - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Wall Murals Chemainus BC - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

I love how small towns give me this sense of peace, and make me want to just sit in a local cafe and just read. They just have this really nice wholesome feel to it. Which is so different from the hustle and bustle of cities, or even chatty neighborly suburbs. Do you like visiting small towns? 

If you are still looking for ways to update your wardrobe for the fall, definitely browse through the Fashion Mia website. I really love what they have to offer. Their service was really great, and I am definitely thinking of getting something else from there. 

Thank you so much to Fashion Mia for their patience despite the few issues we came across like with products being out of order. Though that was not their fault. I like how they were very helpful and provided great service. So definitely check out this site!

I hope you are all having a great week so far! I will definitely be spending time catching up on all your blogs, and seeing what you’ve all been up to lately. I feel like I’ve missed a lot!! Being cut off from internet is super relaxing, yet I do feel some FOMO from it. How do you guys feel when you go internet-free for a period of time?

How do you update your wardrobe for the fall? What’s your favorite transitional piece? 

Thanks for reading!! And as always, have a fabulous day!

Til next time,


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