Guest Post: Learning the Art of Styling (For Men)

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Today, I've got a guest post written by a lovely writer named Aima Christ. She focuses on men's fashion, lifestyle and health-related topics. As I am a female with no brothers and few male friends, I don't have the most complete knowledge on men's fashion. I am always eager to learn more! I guaranteee you will learn something of interest from this guest post Aima has written for you guys.

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Learn The Art Of Styling (For Men)- Few Tips

Do you sometimes feel nostalgic while walking down the memory lane while flipping the photographs? I always feel it, not because the way I have changed in all those years but because how I used to dress up back then and what fashion actually means today. The fashion trends have changed and will keep on changing with time. Some of you might think that the fashion trends back then were awesome whereas; other might the current ones smarter.

Just so you know, the trends don’t matter; what matters is the way you have styled yourself. Agree? Running behind trends would make you spend more money and making your own style statement won’t. If you are in accordance to what I feel, I’m sure you’d like the blog. It actually talks about how one can create their own style quotient without doing a lot.

Take a look at the tips laid out for you below.

Go by your gut feeling and experience: 

If you notice, your gut feeling is one thing that hardly lets you down. Once clubbed with your personal experience, there’s no turning back. As we grow up and grow older, we keep on collecting the experience and now’s the time to put in all of it to construct your own fashion-quotient. Go by your gut feeling and experience, and it will help you be the classic personality (in terms of dressing) at all times. Do not replace it with any trendy or unconventional piece of dressing.

Solid t-shirts are always the best: 

You might have seen the trendy slogan tees that are currently being worn by the guys everywhere. They are just too peppy and loud. Moreover, they won’t last a century in the market because of the kind of slogans printed on them. Classic t-shirts with solid colors and a variety of necklines are what is worth wearing. You can even team them up with anything that you like or just wear them. For example, for a casual occasion, you can pick up a white t-shirt and pair it up with a blazer and jeans for the right look whereas; just the t-shirt with jeans also is a great option. 

Don’t let go of the jeans: 

Denim jeans are an integral part of clothing or styling. Whether it is man or woman, jeans are one article that they can’t resist wearing. If you take a look back in the history of jeans, you’d find that it was specifically made for labors who worked hard and spoiled their clothes every now and then. Eventually, it was introduced for common man too. Since then and till now, you’ll see the different phases of jeans. Solids, embroidered, embellished and more, it is a popular article for every age group. Don’t lose your hand on this specific article.

Give importance to comfort and fit: 

As you grow, you’ll realize that style is not everything, what matters more is the comfort. I would just take this time to tell you that if you put right the comfort and fit of your clothing articles, whether it is your jeans, jacket or men’s underwear, you’d be the most stylish person who’s also happy with what he wears. Make sure you get it tailored if you want the right fit for your personality. Fit and comfort include the size, fabric, and all the other aspects one needs to feel good with.

Your underneath fashion is worth it: 

Paying a lot of attention to the outfits and ignoring the underneath fashion is quite common. However, it is not the right thing to do. In order to feel glamorous, you have to dress the right way down there. Choose your style and make the most of it by buying the appropriate pair.

With these aspects/tips, you’ll be a happy and fashionable man at any point of life. Do post in your comments and suggestions down there.
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I hope you've all enjoyed reading this guest post! Please lemme know down in the comments what you think! Are these helpful or relevant to any of you or your male friends/family? There are a lot of things that may seem gendered at first glance, but can actually apply to just about anyone. How have you learned how to style or develop your own unique sense of style? What steps do you take to develop a style? Share in the comments down below! 

I hope you are all doing well, and have a wonderful day! Thank you for stopping by!

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