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A Glimpse of Glam Fall Favorites Tag

Hey everyone! 

It’s literally the week before Thanksgiving. As in counting down the days til holidays isn’t as crazy of an idea anymore. This also means only a little over a week before the Gilmore Girls revival!! Is anyone else as excited as I am?? 

Luke and Lorelai….. I can’t even. 

Anyways, recently my fellow blogger friend Samantha from mybeautycloud.com tagged me in the Fall Favorites tag. Thanks Sam! She is an awesome beauty blogger who always has really engaging posts that conveys her personality and sense of humor. I definitely recommend checking out her blog!

Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam Fall Favorites Tag - Godiva Chocolate Photo
My friend got a chocolate from Godiva and this little pumpkin truffle was so adorably wrapped!!
So for the Fall Favorites tag:

Favorite eye makeup
When it comes to the autumn months I generally love to go with gold or blush tone eye shadows. I recently purchased the L’Oreal nudes palette because I’ve heard that it was pretty great quality palette for a drugstore item. It’s comparable to some extent to the Naked palettes, or at least that’s what they were supposed to be? Either way, I really love the gold color and I like to make a soft smokey eye with some matte browns and blush colors to darken it a bit. So basically warm golds are what I’m going for this fall.

Favorite candles
I’m not the biggest candle person mostly because I have a fear of accidentally knocking it over and starting a fire. Who agrees with me on this? I do really love the smells of candles and the way they can really liven up the room with the scent. I personally love sweet smelling candles that are basically classic fall foods like cinnamon apple or vanilla bean, or pumpkin pie! So in a nutshell, food. (pun intended)  

Favorite scents
Does the smell of freshly baked straight out of the oven cookies count? I mean, granted I love that smell any time of year. But, something about fall that makes me especially love that sweet smell. 
Oh oops, it meant perfumes huh?

Favorite nail polish
I really love a dark burgundy color on the nails. I don’t wear nail polish often because I can’t at work, and it’s a waste to put it on for a day and have to remove it. But when I can I really like dark reds. 

Favorite lip color
Just like with my nails I like darker hued reds! One I’ve really been into is the L’Oreal colour riche lipstick in Cinnamon Toast. I layer that with the Revlon balm stain in Adore. Together the colors look so good because it adds this reddish brown that isn’t too dark and dramatic for the daytime, but works well for autumn!

Favorite Halloween costumes
It’s past time for Halloween but I mean there’s no harm in planning ahead for next year, right? My favorite Halloween costumes are ones that require dramatic makeup. I’m talking full face. A couple years ago I transformed myself into the Black Swan for Halloween. It was so fun doing the makeup and everything! Having makeup as a big part of a costume is definitely easier because it means spending less money on stuff you probably won’t ever use again. Plus it's dramatic, and who doesn't love a statement?

Favorite accessories
You know me and my obsession with accessorizing with scarves. I have a ton of scarves, half of them in leopard print. Bright colorful cozy scarves are perfect for this time of year because it can get soooo chilly in the mornings! I can wear a plain top, and jazz it up with a scarf to make it instantly look better. 

Check out my recent post where I share a couple scarves I recently got!

Favorite drink
Oh my. I don’t even know which to choose! My go-to drink lately has been an earl grey tea latte with almond milk. I used to use soy milk more, but recently I’ve been trying to substitute almond milk for soymilk just to see if it has an effect. Earl grey tea lattes, sometimes called London Fog, are incredibly delicious! Just the smell of a freshly brewed earl grey tea is so enticing. It has this roasty dark complex tea flavor that complements creamy warm almond milk so perfectly. I like it unsweetened, or with just a touch of honey. But typically people get it with vanilla.

But, I also really enjoy apple cider. Warm apple cider with all the classic spices, topped with a small dab of whipped cream is literally like liquid apple pie! Seriously THE BEST thing ever! Or if you go to Starbucks, order a caramel apple spice with light whip and cinnamon on top. It really gives you the taste of apple pie. You really will feel like you're biting into a slice of apple pie. Go try it if you haven’t yet!

Favorite TV show
If it wasn’t obvious from the intro, it’s definitely Gilmore Girls. This show does have spring, summer and winter, yet it always feels like it’s perpetually autumn for some reason! It always gives off these autumnal vibes. Perhaps it has to do with the orangey filter, especially during the theme song. This show gives me the feels! So incredibly funny, heartwarming and perfect to binge watch. But I do need subtitles because their witty banter flies by so fast I can’t catch it when I’m crunching on my snack of baby carrots and roasted red pepper hummus (who am I kidding? it’s most likely white cheddar popcorn I’m eating while having a Netflix marathon)

Okay calm down Andrea. You’re scaring your readers.


Favorite movie
I apologize. I do not watch a ton of movies. I am more of a TV person. I like the continuation it provides with the episodes and seasons and such. You really build connection with the characters, and get invested into the storylines. 

Also, I don’t know if this counts per se as a favorite, but I’m SO looking forward to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I’ve watched the trailer multiple times now, and I’m definitely gong to be hitting the theaters very soon to watch it! 

Are you guys Harry Potter fans? 

I tag the following people to do this tag as well!

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Feel free to answer these questions down in the comments below too! Because you’re reading this, you’re technically “tagged” as well! So there you go! No one’s left out because you are all tagged!

What are some of your favorites this fall? What is your favorite drink this fall? I love reading your suggestions so I know what to try out!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! 

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