Guest Post: What Makes Burberry and Gucci So Edgy and Desirable

A Glimpse of Glam: Guest Post What Makes Burberry and Gucci Edgy and Desirable

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Today I have a guest post to share for you guys! This was written by Neha Shukla, sharing with you all some helpful tips on distinguishing what makes two well-known brands, Burberry and Gucci, so edgy and desirable. It can be difficult at times to really see what exactly makes high-end brands so incredibly coveted. So keep on reading to learn more about these two brands!
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Burberry and Gucci : What makes them so edgy and desirable?

Gucci and Burberry have been taking the fashion industry by storm over years now. The top luxury brands celebrate their rich history. The current time is marked with the global economic changes and fluctuation. Hence, it’s a great time to check how the two giants are faring in the market.

To start with let us talk about the Italian brand Guccio Gucci, which is more commonly known as Gucci. Even since 1921, the luxury label has been catering their high-end customers with the leather goods that features classy craftsmanship. The timeless pieces of the brand are celebrated for the horse-bit inspired designs. Gucci rapidly built a decade reputation with its innovative approach and creative ideas. In fact, the loafers designed by the label with the gilded snuffle is one of it’s kind, till date. Not only this, the iconic handbags of Gucci featuring bamboo handles has graced the arms of many celebrities. The signature “GG” symbol and incredible designs inspired by horse racing have gained a lot of appreciation from the fashion-conscious urban population. The colors and style of the products of Gucci have got a chic look.  

A Glimpse of Glam: Guest Post What Makes Burberry and Gucci So Edgy and Desirable

On the other hand, the high-end and fashion forward products of Burberry has got a British edge. The designs of the brand combine the traditional English style and the revolutionary modern aesthetics. The iconic tartan check patterns of Burberry can compliment each and every and every personality. The label is divided into three charismatic sub-brands : Burberry Prorsum is a run-way inspired division and features all fast fashion forward products, Burberry Brit offers formal office wear for all sophisticated working population, Burberry London is a collection of the laid back weekend plans. The luxury fashion house is a key to Trench coat. The colors and designs of the brand have a tough and sturdy touch. The products of Burberry is crafted in the signature fabric that is long-wearing, water-repellent, gabardine as well as airy.

Both the labels are one of their kinds. Where Burberry has a blend of British tradition and modern flare and focuses on a lot more sophisticated as well as tenacious look, the assortment of Gucci is a lot more sassy, yet classic and elegant.

How to check the authenticity of the brand?

Checking the authenticity of the brand is always a problem. There are simple ways of verifying it’s authenticity. 

Every Gucci product has a series model number in the merchandise. The genuineness of the piece can confirm by verifying the number at the nearest store. Apart from this, the quality speaks for itself. Each and every item of the label is crafted in heavy material, be Gucci handbags or watches. The products come with a certificate of authenticity. The real pieces are always precise, perfectly crafted and the designs, as well as patterns, are uniform.

Checking out the authenticity of Burberry is easy. The check pattern features perfect horizontal and vertical strips. Moreover, the stripes should be sharp and crisp. The fonts of the logo have the certain distinct characteristic. The letters are not uniform.

The ‘B’ have wider bottom loop than the top. 
The ‘U’ has a thicker left line.  
The ‘E’ have a longer low line.
The right leg of ‘R’ is squiggled. 
The ‘Y’ has a wider left prong. 

Both the brands have their own unique selling proportion. Comparable the two is nearly impossible. However, one thing is certain, with so much of innovation and aesthetic craftsmanship, the customers are bound to get nothing, but the best.  

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Do you like Burberry or Gucci products? What is your favorite high-end brand, and why? Comment down below something about your favorite brand! 

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