Day to Night ft. AUrate New York

A Glimpse of Glam: Day to Night ft AUrate New York - Andrea Tiffany

Hey everyone!

I hope you guys aren't completely broke after holiday shopping, and still got some left to treat yourselves. If you are in need of some ideas to accessorize, I've got a way to solve that problem. With these busy pre-holiday days, it is definitely easy to be at loss when it comes to what to wear for a night out after having spent the day running from one place to another trying to get everything done.

In just one week, Christmas will finally be here! I cannot believe how quickly this holiday season has passed by. Though, I do say that every year. To the point where my sister gets annoyed with me and my yakking about how time is going too fast. Unlike last year, I actually have been getting into the holiday mood. Because of my incessant need to blast holiday music, I truly feel like it is mid-December. Plus. it helps that every time I went out the crowded parking lots and bumper-to-bumper traffic reinforced the fact that people are indeed out holiday shopping with frenzy. It's the holiday season for sure.

I've mentioned several times before that I work part time as a barista, and you have no idea how many kids hot chocolates I've made in the past several weeks. And not all of them were for kids, if you know what I mean.

The month of December entails many days of errand running and last minute shopping, and many nights of get-togethers and gift exchanges with friends or other holiday parties. Literally in one week, Christmas will be here! I've already done a round of gift exchanging with some of my friends. Whenever I buy gifts for people, I always get so overeager, and desperately want to give it to them right then and there. It's so hard to wait. Patience is a struggle. I have a few more gift exchanges coming up, with one being both for a birthday and for Christmas. I definitely cannot wait to receive my own gifts! Have you opened any gifts you've received yet?

With a busy schedule, the term "transitional outfit" really becomes your best friend. Living out of your car doesn't sound so extreme at this time of year.

Today, I wanted to share with you all some mood board style ideas for day to night transitional outfits. Easy styling ideas for whenever you feel at loss. Nothing overwhelming, just simplicity and minimalism to contrast with your hectic life.

A Glimpse of Glam: Day Look Mood Board AUrate New York - Andrea Tiffany
(Photos from Pinterest)
With this mood board here, I put together things that would all work well for a day look. You guys are all very well aware of my obsession with jumpsuits, so I just had to include one. A jumpsuit for the day might not seem like something to go for during the winter months, but paired with a thick blazer or long wool coat, it would work well. The heels I chose are not super high and skinny, definitely more reasonable of an option to walk around in. Although, if you are really out and about, then go for flat shoes like some ankle boots instead. If you twist an ankle, that would just add another thing to your list to take care of.

A Glimpse of Glam: Night Look Mood Board AUrate New York - Andrea Tiffany
(Photos from Pinterest)
A quick and easy swap for the night would be changing up your outer layers, and slipping on a different pair of shoes. If you got the time, redo your hair and maybe even swipe on a bolder lip color to finish. Fur coats are super trendy right now. Fur or faux fur coats have this edgy, daring feel to it. They are relaxed and cozy, yet look very chic and model off-duty. The burgundy boots contrast in color with the coat ever so slightly, adding to the overall fun, playful night look. The cooler tone of the boots and the dark navy coat are just analogous enough that it works. Plus, the darker red makes it perfect for any holiday party you're attending.

The style mood boards above both feature the same gold bar necklace from AUrate New York. This minimalist necklace is just enough to accessorize an outfit, without being overbearing. Thin, delicate, and versatile.

A Glimpse of Glam: AUrate New York Minimalist Gold Bar Necklace - Andrea Tiffany

A Glimpse of Glam: AUrate New York Gold Bar Necklace - Andrea Tiffany

AUrate New York is a company that specializes in high quality hand-crafted jewelry. They focus on creating pieces that are ethically sourced and sold without the use of middlemen. They have a wide variey of jewelry to choose from, whether it be silver, gold, or rose gold. All are rather minimalist and would work well in any outfit. I personally especially like the rings they have to offer because the design are quite unique and eye-catching. Delicate, crisp lines. Nothing extravagant, nothing gaudy. Definitely pieces that would be good for everyday looks.

I like chunky jewelry, but sometimes minimalist pieces work best. You don't have to think too much about what to wear with it. They work with nearly everything. I have this statement necklace that I've only worn a handful of times because I have to center the outfit around that necklace. Whereas, with a delicate piece like the gold bar, you can literally wear anything.

Currently, I am finding myself really going for minimalist jewelry, and AUrate really adds to it. It inspires me to find simple pieces that work well with everything, that are sleek and modern and tasteful.

Do you prefer statement jewelry, or simple minimalist ones? 

How do you transition an outfit from day to night? Are you more of a necklace, ring, or bracelet person? Comment down below to lemme know!

Thank you all for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a wonderful day!

Til next time,

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