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Wow it’s actually December now! It’s crazy how autumn flew by, and now we are on the brink of winter. I already got my Christmas tree set up, and holiday music blasting as well. With a roaring fireplace in the background, I am feeling very festive. All I gotta do now is make a massive mug of hot chocolate topped with a ton of whipped cream to complete the mood. My friends’ have started to ask what I want for Christmas, and well you know what my obvious response is..? All I want for Christmas is you, you baby! You know, that Mariah Carey song? It’s just called for, I can’t ignore that perfect opportunity! What’s your favorite Christmas/holiday song? 

I recently got the chance to get some items from Rosegal, an online shopping site. It took me a while to really decide what I wanted to get because their selection of products is really vast. Everything is at an affordable and reasonable price, and the site is very easy to navigate. I ended up selecting a camel colored winter coat, a long thin black belted jacket, and a gorgeous red and blue patterned scarf. The scarf is by far my favorite item of the three.

Light Camel Colored Coat: Link HERE
I paired the scarf with an oversized plain white top, black pants with white inlay done in a subtle gridded pattern, and those tan ankle boots I’ve featured a couples times in the past with other outfits. The simplicity of the black and white outfit, with only a splash of color from the scarf, allowed me to style both the jacket and coat using the same base outfit. In fact, the thin black jacket can even be worn underneath the camel coat because the two would look great layered together as well.

Link to the coat HERE
The camel coat is so incredibly soft! The material feels really buttery and velvety against the skin, which could be bad because we all know how sludgy and rainy winter weather can get. This coat is obviously NOT waterproof! There is also no hood or pockets. I will definitely need to have an umbrella handy if I wanted to wear this coat on a cloudy winter day. But, the overall style of the coat is really flattering and gorgeous. I love how the coat has almost a skirt, and even without tying the belt, it flares out towards the bottom. The structured shoulders also adds to the overall silhouette of the coat. I can definitely see myself wearing this coat in more outfits this coming winter season. That is, when it’s not rainy or gross out. 

Belted Black Jacket: Link HERE
Back jackets are fairly simple. There isn’t anything too remarkable about them. The style here is pretty straightforward. Just a long flowy jacket with a hood and belt. It fits really nicely because of the simple design. It isn’t really structured or anything, but would work well as an easy relaxed jacket to throw on over any outfit. It is pretty thin though, so I would recommend layering a thicker jacket or coat over it. But, it would work great alone in the spring or summer.

Link to Black Jacket HERE
From the photos on the site, I expected the jacket to look different. I thought it would be more of a coat than a lightweight jacket. In the photos, it looked more structured, whereas it ended up being a lot looser and floppier. I'm not disatisfied with it because it still looks nice, and it fits well. But, I did expect something different. Though in all fairness, with online shopping you have to expect for things to not always look the same. 

Red and Blue Scarf: Link HERE
Gotta save the best for last! That scarf is seriously so gorgeous. I cannot get over it! I love the bright vibrant red, and the soft fabric it’s made of. It’s definitely really nice, and I can really see myself integrating it into many outfits to come! The scarf is in a long, yet wide rectangle shape. I wore it here by folding it almost diagonally and wrapping it around as you would with a square scarf. This scarf isn’t too thick or heavy, but definitely can keep you warm because of the soft, yet thick material it’s made of. 

Link to scarf: HERE
Something else that's quite funny about the scarf is that when you open it up, the design nearly resembles the British flag. Except it's only red and blue. It's not noticeable when I wear it, only when it's opened up and laid flat. 

If you are searching for a good winter coat, I definitely recommend trying out that camel colored coat! It would look great integrated in a dressy look for holiday parties. Rosegal also has other styles of costs as well if you are looking for another color or style. I chose this one mostly because I don't have a coat in this color or style, but there are other ones to choose from as well! 

Check out the Rosegal Instagram page to see more examples of the stuff you can get from Rosegal. I recommend heading over to the site to see what you can find for the upcoming winter season! Who knows? Maybe the perfect gift for your best friend, mother, or coworker is there waiting for you!

Do you prefer long structured coats for winter, or down parkas instead? Comment down below your preferred winter coat style! 

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Thank you all for stopping by and reading! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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