OOTD Inspo and Mini Haul: Styling Neutrals ft. Dresslily

Hey everyone!

It’s two weeks into the new year, and I’m already looking forward to summer. End of the school year. Relaxation. I literally just started this quarter at school. Where did my motivation go? Probably gone along with the end of the Obama administration… Too sensitive of a topic? Too soon? Well we still have to deal with the reality. I wonder how the rest of January will play out.

I don’t know if you’ve all noticed or not, but lately I’ve been trying to be more active on Instagram. It’s one of the only social media platforms (besides Snapchat for all its addicting filters) that I use on the daily. I’ve been trying to post more frequently because in all honesty, it’s easier to take good photos and post them than create a blog post. I have a whole stockpile of photos I can post. But blog posts take a while to create, and I want to have a way to still connect with people and still be reachable. To still have an outlet for creativity. Please do follow me on Instagram if you haven’t yet! I really love meeting new people, and I am addicted to scrolling through it like other people maybe addicted to laughing at funny memes. I also have an interest in photography, which obviously still needs a lot of improvement, but I’m hoping Instagram will help motivate me with that as well.

These drearier winter months during the beginning of the year tend to be gloomy, rainy, and overall depressing. At least to me. Probably because the holidays are over, and summer is so far ahead it’s almost lightyears away. Sure, you may try to brighten up your days with a vibrant, colorful outfit. But, chances are you probably reach for the same old dependable clothes, your creativity and inspiration as dismal as your mood.

You don’t need to wear just blacks and grey, and look like you will be attending a funeral. Neutrals are a great option to turn to. And there are easy ways to dress them up that doesn’t involve too much thought or effort. As previously mentioned multiple times, scarves are a great option for dressing up outfits. Pull on a neutral outfit and throw on a scarf, and you’ve got yourself a decent outfit that looks like you are still trying to live up to your resolutions, of which you have really long ditched.

I recently received several items from Dresslily, and I was not disappointed! I’m really impressed with the quality of their clothes. For their affordable prices, they are actually made of quite durable material. The fit is quite nice because it is true to the information they post on the website. If it weren’t for the holidays, I think usually this international shipping wouldn’t have taken as long. With the items I got, I was able to throw together a few different outfit ideas to hopefully provide some inspiration for you all.

Green Dress
One item I received was this lightweight olive green dress. When I first got it, I actually realized that I should have chosen something else. Not because of the dress itself, but because I realized I would have to wear a jacket with it and it might not be the most suitable for the cold weather. I really like how it has a v-neckline, and an oversized fit. I can see this working really well in the spring or summer with bare legs and sandals, or ankle boots. For now, I styled it with a black leather jacket, opaque black tights, and brown ankle boots. I was still quite cold only wearing that. So if I were to wear it out for a long period of time, I might choose a thicker coat or grab a scarf too. But I really liked the effect of a leather jacket with this slightly sheer olive green material.

Green Dress
Almost made me feel like Peter Pan with this combination too. Should I don a green cap with it?

Grey Sweater
I also got this super soft and cozy grey cold-shoulder sweater. I absolutely love this sweater!! Once I pulled it on, I just knew it was the perfect pick. It is really soft, and made of a thick material. It’s a great way to layer up for the winter without sacrificing style too much. If you follow me on Instagram (cough cough) then you would have already seen a photo of me wearing it.

Pink Scarf
Once again, I threw on the black leather jacket. I paired the sweater with black pants patterned with white dots. Brown ankle boots again, this time with no heels. Definitely a more casual look than the others, but works well nevertheless. I also got from Dresslily this light pink patterned scarf. It’s quite lightweight and really soft. It’s a nice way to add some color to the overall very monochromatic outfit. I am really looking forward to styling more outfits with this new bad boy!

I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to show you guys the details of this sweater. It was freezing cold out, and I did NOT want to take off my coat! But I did it for you. Your welcome.

Grey Cold-Shoulder Dress
The last item I received was this taupe knit cold-shoulder dress. Those shoulder slits, boy do I love that trend.  It’s quite long on me, and the overall fit is loose but drapes over the body nicely. I didn’t want to order a size too small incase it didn’t end up right. But this dress worked out really well. I like the long sleeves on it because it’s great for the cold season. It’s super simple and plain, which allows me to choose pretty much any scarf I want to accessorize with.

Grey Dress
This last look is definitely a bit dressier than the previous ones. I figured every so often I would want to dress up for the heck of it. But really we all know it’s the red plaid scarf that did all the work, and not me. I got the red scarf last year. Been wearing it so much like all scarves I have because you know your girl and scarves. I had to add a pair of tights to the outfit because COLD. Some heeled black boots and outfit complete. What do you think?

I seriously admire the people out there who can walk around in just a hoodie, or thin jacket. Like how are you radiating enough body heat son?! Share with me your magical trick!! Don’t be selfish.

Thank you to Dresslily for sending me these items! I really am pleased with the clothes I got because they will definitely work well for future outfits! Stop by Dresslily if you are hunting for some new affordable finds! We are all still a bit broke, and recovering from all that holiday shopping, I know. I am too.

Check out the Dresslily Instagram for some other ideas of what they have to offer as well! I've also got some coupon codes that you can use at Dresslily because let's be real, post-holiday blues are really about your bank account suffering. Just click here on this link and you can choose to your heart's desire.

How are your new year goals going so far for you? Off to a good start so far for 2017? 

What did you think of these outfit creations I shared with you all? Do you lean more towards neutrals or color during the winter months? Comment down below to lemme know!! 

Thank you all for stopping by and reading! I hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Til next time,

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