Glam for the Summer: Style Inspiration for Summer Events

Glam for the Summer: Style Inspiration for Summer Events

Hey everyone!

As we all know, summer is the season for all events and ceremonies to take place. It’s the time of year when we all fill up our calendars with event after event to attend. I am literally thinking of season 4 episode 1 of New Girl, when their whole fridge was full of wedding invites. Sounds familiar?

Of course, weddings aren’t the only type of event you may be invited to. I recently went to my friend’s younger sister’s quinceanera. Wedding or not, this is the season with fancy events where you get the opportunity to glam up. Especially now that it is heading into mid-August, as the weather starts to cool off a bit from the full-on sweltering heat of the summer, this is when everyone tries to squeeze in all their events before the summer is over.

And the question remains… What shall I wear? How fancy is fancy? Is this enough, or too much? You obviously don’t want to outshine the birthday girl, or bride, or whomever is supposed to be in the spotlight. That would just be rude on your part. You’re a guest, after all. Have some consideration! It’s one thing to show up fashionably late; it’s another to steal the spotlight.

With that, here’s a few mood boards of outfit inspiration I put together to save you the time of having to scavenge the depths of Pinterest for ideas. Because we all know once you start scrolling on Pinterest, you won’t stop. And soon that whole event you were trying to shop for would have long passed before you've even gotten off your phone. 

One thing I want to tackle is wearing black to a summer event. It’s commonly thought of that black is not a summer color. Or shade (if you are getting technical). But, if styled and worn properly, you can certainly rock black during the summer for any and all events. Who said you had to introduce color into your life?

To prevent looking too serious and somber for a summer event, I suggest going for a flowy black that is a bit looser-fitting, and low-cut or has cut-outs. If you opt for a tighter fitting, clingy, body-hugging black number, you might end up looking more like you are dressed for a winter cocktail party. 

Whereas something that is a bit looser, with maybe even a low-back, makes the dress perfect for the hot summer weather. Above, I chose a few black options that have some unique details such as a criss-cross low-back, and a flowy fit. This makes it feel more appropriate for the warm weather. Paired with a bold lip, and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit.

What I love to wear with outfits that have a low back is pulling my hair up and away. Doesn’t have to be sleek and slick, but an updo definitely amps up the glam factor. Doesn’t have to be a low-back, but a low cut dress or jumpsuit with an updo works so well too. Remember my black jumpsuit I wore to a summer wedding last year? I paired it with a curled ponytail, and I felt so boss the whole night. 

I was slayin! Who said you HAD to wear a dress and have a complicated hairstyle for summer events? Of course a more boho braided hairstyle is the popular go-to style most people choose for the summer because it practically screams summer. But, you can always try out something different. You'd be surprised at how awesome you feel once you break out of the norm.

If you do like wearing color in your life, and you like floral prints and other summery patterns, here are a few options that you may like too. This is more of the bohemian outdoors sort of wedding look. But it can also work for a more black-tie summer wedding too. 

It's all based on how you accessorize. If you paired that maxi dress with sandals and a messy braid, that would work perfectly for a casual beach wedding. But slip on those stilettos, and add on some delicate jewelry and you are ready for a more formal occasion.

I personally adore wearing bright, bold colors during the summer. It adds to the mood, and suits the summertime perfectly. However, with so many people around you dressed in similar tones and styles, it can be difficult to find a way to differentiate yourself.

The key here is to pair that summery outfit with a bronzy makeup look. Something that most people would not choose. When you think of summer, you obviously think of a bright lip color, perhaps a coral or red. Maybe a light and simple makeup look with less on the eyes and attention on the lips? That’s pretty much everyone’s definition of a summer makeup look.

However, if you try out having a bronzier look, with a sharp contour and poppin highlight, you got yourself a look so on fleek everybody will be asking who your makeup artist is. Especially when you go for a more neutral lip color. That is what really sets the difference between you and the other guest sitting next to you. The balance between a bronzy look and a floral dress keeps the outfit from looking to cliche “summer”.

Of course, I had to add in a few style inspirations for the men out there. If you are going with a date, or with a friend, you don’t want anyone to feel left out.

While it always seems like women have it easier for dressing up because of the vast amount of clothes, accessories, shoes etc. to choose from, men probably feel a bit limited in their options. It may seem like it’s a bit more difficult to personalize, and differentiate the outfit from the sea of men in suits. However, with a few key accessories your summer style will also be on point.

Here, I chose to focus on sunglasses and printed ties as the key to accessorize. Let your personality show through the perfect pair of sunglasses you choose. While everybody is wearing a boring monochromatic tie, you can choose a fun print like a polka-dot tie. Match with your date through the colors you choose. 

Personally, I think that when men wear a light grey suit, it looks SO good. You see so many people wearing dark blacks, browns, and navy suits, but when a guy wears something lighter and brighter, that is so eye-catching and unique. 

I also really like how watches are such a simple way to finish off an outfit. When you coordinate your watch with the color of your shirt, this brings together the whole color theme of your outfit. A few accents here and there definitely can showcase your personality.

Floral Jumpsuit

As mentioned above, I recently got the chance to attend a friend’s quinceanera, which is a birthday event popular in the Hispanic culture when a girl turns 15. It’s the coming of age girl-to-woman kind of event. 

I chose to wear a floral jumpsuit with high slits from Zaful, which you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram. This definitely made me stand out from the crowd of short bodycon dresses out there. From afar, it looks like a maxi dress, but it’s a jumpsuit. Simple yet chic.

What would you wear to a summer event? 

I created this post in collaboration with Bonobos, which is a clothing company that caters to men. They have clothes ranging from activewear, to dress shirts, to casual sweaters, to accessories. This can definitely come in handy when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for all occasions, especially if you got some summer weddings and events to plan for.

Plus, if you are into the whole mens style for women, no matter your gender you can find something that works. Check out one of my past blogposts where I styled a men’s shirt! You don’t need to limit yourself to contrived societal norms when it comes to crafting your personal style. It’s all about how you choose to style it and make it work.

Comment down below your favorite outfit for a summer event! Would you prefer wearing a flowing maxi dress? Or is a shorter dress more your style? Bright, printed and colorful? Or perhaps a more monochromatic look? Lemme know down in the comments below! 

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