What 10 Years of Traveling Taught Me About the Holes in the Travel Industry

I followed my heart, paved my own path, and designed my dream lifestyle and career.  After circling the globe multiple times right out of university, I have traveled to over 80 countries by the time that I was 30 years old.  I aligned my values, beliefs, and my truth with my passion for helping others and my expertise in travel to become a travel and business coach.  

I help others understand and optimize on the power of travel and tap into their personal travel story and understand their whyfor traveling so they too can design their dream lifestyle, have their ideal travel career, and improve their lives, mindset, and business.

Traveling the world never seemed possible for someone like me.  I grew up as an only child to a single mom in a middle class family.  My idea of traveling was cross-country family road trips every summer from Wisconsin to the south of Texas.  Taking an airplane and flying around the globe seemed like a lifestyle that only the rich and famous could have.  

We could hardly keep food in our pantry, how could I ever afford to travel the world?  I also struggle with pretty bad anxiety so I wasn’t sure how’d I would be able to travel alone or make sure I stayed safe. I always had a wanderlust spirit and knew from movies and photos that there was so much out there that I wanted to explore.  

It wasn’t until my third year of university that my true determination kicked in.  On the very first day of an international tourism course, as we went around the room introducing ourselves, we shared the number of countries that we had been to.  Some people responded with 10, 15, and even more.  

I quietly mumbled the number three, two of which I hardly remember because I was so young and one which was to an all-inclusive resort that sheltered us from having any sort authentic cultural experience.  I felt jealous. 

I wanted those experiences too.  How did they do it?  How did they manage to travel alone? Were they scared? How could I afford it?  I didn’t know those answers but I made a promise to myself that I would figure them out.  So I did.

The summer after graduating from college, I packed my backpack for the very first time and off I went.  I caught the travel bug and never looked back.  Fast forward a decade, I have traveled to over 80 countries by the time that I turned 30 years old.  

Never in my wildest travel dreams did I imagine that I’d travel to 80 countries across six continents all on my own and own funds.  I started documenting my journey in a blog which made me realize how much I loved sharing my story, experiences, and travel tips with others so they can incorporate more travel into their lifestyles.

In my early 30’s, I was having a quarter life crisis.  Despite having a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, I was desperately searching for my dream career.  I knew about the corporate careers and travel-related jobs that I studied about.  

I also knew of the options that existed for travelers such as being a blogger, a travel agent, an influencer, a freelancer, or working for a company that allows for business travel.  None of those resonated with me. There has to be something more. 

I wanted more out of life and a career. I wanted to create, do, and be more.  I wanted to figure out a way to use all that I learned and experienced throughout my decade of traveling the world to really make an impact on the lives of other travelers.

I decided to find the answers that I was looking for and then create the solution that I desired.  

 Throughout my years of traveling the globe, I was doing more than finding my own answers on life and my direction.   I was doing years of hands-on market research.  I was learning, directly and indirectly, about the travel industry’s trends, voids, problems, technology, and what was popular alongside the reasons why people were traveling.  I began traveling at a prime stage in the travel industry.  

When I first started my travels, all of the travel apps, websites, tools, and resources were not popular or available like they are today.  My very backpacking trip I had a small flip phone that had no cell service and didn't even want to turn on.  I had to pay for internet use wherever I could find a computer and I still communicated with my mom via email!  

Over the next decade, my journey changed in regards to how I traveled and the tools that I used.  The travel industry was shifting and I was right in the middle of it.  There has been an incredible boom in travel apps and websites which bring convience and affordability to customers travel experiences.

But what is lacking the real definition of what an "experience" really means.

Traveling is shifting from just wanting to sip a strawberry daiquiri on a beach and staying within the walls of an all-inclusive resort.  People are seeking an experience of a lifetime. An ingrained memory.  A life-altering impactful story to share with others. People want a journey that will transform, heal, inspire, or reset them. 

Travel has the power to impact a person’s life through soul-searching, new cultural understanding, perspective shifts, expanding the mind, pushing comfort zone boundaries, spiritual awakenings, personal challenges, and personal growth.  

Everyone travels for their own unique reasons.  Some to escape a stressful work schedule, some to find inner peace, or maybe to build new personal connections.  Understanding why you are choosing to travel is imperative to getting the best experience and clarity that you seek out of your travels.

Finding a deeper reason for why people are traveling, making them feel understood and connected, and putting more power into their hands will take the travel and hospitality industry from a place of adventure, luxury, and fun to a place of meaning, purpose, passion, and evolution.

Through a new sense of meaning, a realization of passions, and self-actualization, travel enriches a person’s life by helping lead to their life path and purpose.  Travelers want to be more involved in the travel planning process.  

They also want to travel longer, cheaper, and more often.  The myriad of travel apps, websites, and tools are widely available but travelers are still seeking the confidence and self-fulfillment of taking control over their own journey.  Travel can be intimidating and daunting for people who have the desire and dreams but aren’t sure how to turn their travel goals into reality. 

From booking and planning logistics and setting a budget to dealing with any mindful, life, work, or personal roadblocks that may hold you back, travel coaches will provide the tools, resources, guidance, and expertise to put the power of travel into the hands of the traveler. When a travel dreamer can connect with a travel coach who has the travel experience and expertise that they best relate to, they are more likely to learn and gain the best possible experience and control over their travels that they can.

I then began studying everything that I could about starting an online business and even more about the travel industry. I started working with and learning from successful people that I admired in business.  I then took everything that I learned, meshed it with my travel expertise, and I started my own travel coaching business and created The Travel Coach Network™ (TCN). 

I know the power that travel and storytelling can hold in someone’s life and business.  Traveling opened my eyes and heart and helped me find myself, my passions, my purpose, and clarity on my ideal career path.  

I am a big believer in taking control of your life, setting goals, staying true to yourself, following your own path, dreaming big, and living the life that you desire. You really can be the author of your own life story and the driver to your own destiny.  Every traveler has a story that can teach and help others and I want to make it easy for people to find established travelers that they relate to and build a human connection with.  

Since I was traveling in a prime morphing stage for the travel industry and am part of the millennial generation, I gained clarity and a perspective on the travel industry that many others didn’t.  The market research that I had been doing, my personal travel experiences, problems, and desires, and my determination to have my dream career ignited my entrepreneurial fire inside and I took action. 

The realization that what I was seeking as a traveler is what so many other travelers are looking for as well gave me even more drive to create the dream travel career.  I also realized that travel and hospitality companies were not optimizing on what customers want most when it comes to travel, human connection and a story to tell.

One of the things that I learned was that when people wanted a career in the travel industry, they didn’t want to sacrifice their lifestyle freedom or fade in the background of any competition.  What they wanted instead was to use their passion for travel, tell their stories, and inspire others when it comes to traveling.  

The reason that I created the TCN is because it is what I wish that I had access to when I was just a traveler in search of my life and career path.  Why I do what I do is because I was immersed in the travel world at a prime stage of the travel industry’s shift in travel trends, technology, and competition.  

I am a problem-solver and someone who loves making the lives of others easier based on my personal experience and knowledge. It’s an incredible feeling to provide value that positively impacts the lives and businesses of others through my travel expertise, products, and services. 

The TCN educates, inspires, empowers, supports, and guides travel dreamers, travel entrepreneurs, and travel companies looking to keep up with the rapid rise in the digital nomad craze, stand out among their competition, and use travel storytelling to create the ultimate authentic transformative travel experience for their customers.

The most powerful way that I can create change in the world as a travel expert and a travel coach is to develop the largest online network of travel coaches that use the power of travel, storytelling, and understanding why people travel to take the travel industry from a war of travel technology to a place of ultimate travel transformations and experiences.

Maybe you haven’t had a quarter life crisis like I did but at some point in your travel journey you were probably feeling confused or searching for your dream career that was going to bring you the financial, spiritual, and time freedom that you craved.  

You can transform and enrich your life through your travel experiences as you help others transform their lives. You don’t have to blend in with the crowd or settle for a lifestyle or a career that doesn’t make your heart sing.  You also don’t have to have all of the answers right away.  You don’t have to struggle financially doing a job that doesn’t make you happy.  You don’t have to enjoy travel experiences through the photographs and videos of friends or online.  

It’s up to you to take the leap and step out of your comfort zone.  It’s up to you to follow your own heart and believe in your destiny.  It’s up to you to manifest your success (whatever your definition of success may be) and take action on your goals.  It’s up to you to firmly believe in yourself and that you’re meant for something even greater. You can design the lifestyle and the career of your dreams.  

You can align your passions, interests, skills, experiences, and your story with how you help others and the impact that you make on the world. One of the best ways to accelerate towards your dreams and goals is to ask for help.  

It can be hard (trust me, I have always struggled to ask for help myself) but finding someone that inspires and motivates you, does something similar to what you want to accomplish, or someone who’s message and vision resonates with the mantras of your own mind and heart, it can make a huge difference in your life. Open yourself up to achieving your highest potential. Push past any fears, anxieties, physical or mental obstacles, push you’re your sleeves, and take that first step.

Tap into your personal story, identify your travel specialty and skills and align your passion or travel and experiences with helping others.  Discover the dream career that you have been searching for just like I did.  Are you ready to be a part of revolutionizing the travel and hospitality industries in a way that resonates authenticity, storytelling, personalization, truth, and most importantly, adventure?!

With Love,

Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose De Vore is a Wellness Travel Coach, the CEO and owner of Sahara Rose Travels, LLC, and the founder of The Travel CoachNetwork™.  Her mission is to create the first and largest online network of travel coaches who change the way that the hospitality and tourism industries provide fulfilling, empowering, and transformative travel.  

She empowers and educates on the power and importance that travel and storytelling can have on life, purpose, and business.  Sahara Rose has a BA in tourism and has spent a decade traveling the globe to over 84 countries by the age of 31.  She is a travel blogger turned published author of her travel and mindset guide “Hey You, Just Go!”.  Sahara Rose has studied under well renowned mentors and is pioneering the path for travel coaching.

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