Car Insurance Need and What If Your Car is Not Insured

Car Insurance Need and What If Your Car is Not Insured

Why do we need car insurance?

Car Insurance, of course, covers the cost of unexpected damages based on the natural calamity of your car. It’s definitely helpful, it supports by covering the expenses of the treatment of injured drivers, pedestrians and passengers. In other means, getting your cars and vehicle insurance involves financial protection.

Insurance can also provide financial support to the policyholder in the unlucky event when your very own car has been stolen or damaged by fire

Here is very good news for the people who are seeking ultimately for a really reliable platform for insurance. So here your thirst will turn into pleasure. 

BuyAnyInsurance facilitates its customers from the step of comparing car insurance quotes to giving them policy consultancy and buying the best suitable policy that meets their needs. One very unique feature of their insurance services is, they make you a policyholder/owner in an hour after receiving your required documents.

Getting covered by car insurance is absolutely a mandatory option in United Arab Emirates as prescribed by UAE RTA Law.

Accidents can happen any time, So Government of United Arab Emirates, assures you are covered financially.

According to the data shared by for the year of 2015, the first ten months observed the traffic accidents 3,935 in total. These statistics apparently presents the need for Car Insurance policy. Further, it’s necessary to get complete awareness about the introduced terms of the insurer’s policy.

What if I’m not insured?

It’s illegal to drive without car insurance in Dubai city and the whole country of the United Arab Emirates. The government imposes fine as well as your driving license receives a penalty of 6 to 8 points.

It’s a very good decision by the UAE govt. to authorize local police to destroy or seize the vehicle that is being driven by not getting insured. In case of involvement of uninsured drivers in accidents, there are also chances of imposing more strict penalties.

Moreover, if there are many benefits of becoming a car insurance policyholder then why not to take the right decision at the very right time.

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