Residents of Ajman, United Arab Emirates said taking an unhealthy child to Dubai is not practical

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Concern has been expressed by many families who have Dubai residence visa and reside in nearby emirates such as Ajman over the obligatory Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) that holders of Dubai residence visa must have to evade the consequences put forth by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Individuals are left with only a few choices when it comes to insurance, the most economical of which is EBP. However, clinics in Ajman and Sharjah, where many families reside due to the lower cost of living, are not covered by this essential plan.

According to laws stated by DHA, inhabitants residing in emirates other than Dubai, however holding a Dubai visa, won't have the option to profit from this bundle in the emirate of their residency with the exception of emergency treatment. This is enlisted in terms and conditions by insurance agencies offering the EBP.

It had been made obligatory by the DHA that Dubai visa holders must have medical insurance for workers, domestic helpers, families and their dependents (spouses and children). Inability to do so will pull in a fine of Dh500 monthly per individual.

It has been stated by many agencies that they do not provide coverage for clinics in Ajman or Sharjah, except in case of a medical emergency. But residents of Ajman insist that taking an unhealthy child to Dubai isn’t practical.

"The DHA should instruct insurance firms to provide the service in clinics in Sharjah and Ajman or else the service would be useless”. "The health authorities in Dubai have made insurance for our dependents compulsory. But what is the advantage?" asked Abu Radwa, an Ajman resident. 

"Why should I have to drive to Dubai if my child falls sick?" He asked.
The obligatory EBP may have been devised initially to help Dubai residents with lower income to be able to get a medical cover. But this facility should have been stretched to other emirates, too, Abu Radwa pointed out.

Bassam Hajji, another Ajman resident, is annoyed by the facility, saying he got his family (wife and three children) insured at the premium of Dh4,000. And he later discovered that he can’t utilize the medical service in Ajman or Sharjah.

"We rushed to find an insurance firm to get our kids insured before the deadline to dodge being fined." Said Abu Omar, an Egyptian residing in Ajman.

The insurance agencies must be instructed by the DHA to provide the holders of the EBP easy access to clinics in Ajman and Sharjah, stated Mona, an Egyptian housewife in Ajman. is very careful about all insurance aspects and help their clients. For access to clinics, anybody can talk to us and we will surely help them.

The EBP involving medical insurance should be brought together in terms of the premium and the geographical coverage by all insurance agencies offering the service, Mona highlighted.

DHA's policy

Nine insurance agencies with EBP health insurance have been enlisted by DHA, which allow a non-working dependent to be insured against an annual premium of Dh650-718.

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