What to do when met with a Car Accident?

What to do when met with a Car Accident?

The primary thing to do if ever caught in an accident is to remain composed and calm. Accidents, unfortunately, are common and can involve anyone at any time, so the paramount thing is to make sure that you and other passengers are alright.

Another significant step is to make a motor insurance claim. In order to get your insurance claim settled effectively, you must approach your insurance agency timely.

Besides, you have to follow a couple of steps to document your vehicle insurance claim without any difficulty.

Steps to Follow After a Car Accident

Assess the Damages and Call the Police Immediately 

Firstly, if caught in an accident, you ought to assess the damage that happened to your vehicle and assess bodily injuries caused by the incident, immediately call the police and report the incident. 

After a thorough inspection of the scene of the accident and the vehicle involved, you will be issued a report accordingly. The report will essentially outline the cause of the incident and also regulates which party is at fault.

In case of minor accident (with no bodily injuries and no serious damage caused to the car), you can report the incident via the Dubai Police Mobile App in Dubai and which costs an extra 100 AED as manual service charges.  In case of internet inaccessibility, you can likewise report the event at one of the ten official Enoc petrol stations around Dubai.

Remember that you ought to have a police report in order to file a vehicle insurance claim in Dubai as it is a compulsory requirement. Once the report is formed, it will either be given to you by the police in case of serious accidents or sent to your cellphone via text message.

Inform Your Insurance Provider

After obtaining a police report in your hand, the next goal is to inform your vehicle insurance agency about the incident. Forward all the relevant details and documents to your insurance provider even if you do not wish to make an insurance claim. 

You will be asked to submit the police report and the insurance policy number mentioned on your registration card. Your vehicle will be taken to a nearby certified vehicle service station for damage assessment.

Try to Record the Damage Caused to Your Vehicle on Your Camera

As an additional proof to make your insurance claim stronger, click some pictures of the scene of the accident as well as of damages caused to your vehicle and other bodily injuries.

Know Your Vehicle Insurance Policy

It is proposed to review your motor insurance plan cautiously with the goal that you don’t need to pay more than you ought to from your pocket, so of course you will be looking for a cheapest Car Insurance in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

It will help you determine what your policy provides coverage for. Understanding these terms and conditions will likewise assist you with the negotiations with your insurance provider during the final settlement of your claim.  

Documents Required to Process Your Claim in Dubai

            Following documents must be submitted to start the process of your insurance claim:
            Police report (mandatory by law after an accident)
            Driving License Duplicate
            Vehicle Registration Duplicate  
            Duly filled and signed claim form that is provided by the insurance agency.

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Policy in Dubai

A comprehensive vehicle insurance plan provides coverage for your own vehicle in case of an unforeseen mishap such as an accident. In order to proceed with the claim process, you will have to inform your insurance provider about the accident. 

Make sure you have all the required evidence and documents such as police report; contact information of other drivers involved. Additionally, it is good practice to keep photographic evidence of the damage caused to your vehicle or other bodily injuries.

 Third-Party Liability Vehicle Insurance Policy in Dubai

Third-party liability insurance is the most basic type of vehicle insurance that provides coverage for all claims of a third-party against you like damage to the vehicle, loss of a life, or bodily injuries to a third-party. 

So, if the accident was your fault, you will not be allowed to make a vehicle insurance claim because this policy will provide coverage for the third-party vehicle only. Damage caused to your vehicle as a result of an accident will not be covered under this strategy.


You will have to file a vehicle insurance claim in order to get the insurance benefits. This requires that you immediately inform your insurance agency after being involved in an accident. 

If they find the case to be authentic, they will definitely cover for all your bodily as well as vehicle damages. Therefore, don’t postpone in reaching out to your insurance agency as it can cost you a fortune. 

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