Why it Took Me 10 Years to Find My Career Path

Why it Took Me 10 Years to Find My Career Path

Did you know why it took me 10 years to figure out what kind of career path I wanted in travel despite studying and graduating with a college degree in hospitality and tourism management?  

The short answer: I wanted a career that aligned with my travel goals and desired lifestyle

The more real answer: I didn’t find anything that really satisfied how I wanted to use what I experienced, knew, and loved about travel and enabled me to help people in an authentic way.  I felt like my travel experiences had a great purpose and I knew just how powerful and valuable travel was for people’s wellbeing in so many ways.

The problem was that the only opportunities to work in the travel industry were to work in a hotel, airline, or to work for a company that paid me to travel for business.  

I was then traveling in the midst of the rise in internet and social media.  Being engulfed in the travel scene, I learned about the travel or “freedom-based” jobs that people were doing; writing, blogging, bookings, freelance, teaching English, au pair, remote work for another company, etc.  None of those really interested or satisfied me.  I didn’t enjoy creating itineraries or booking trips. I didn’t want to alter my voice or perspective to appeal to a publication to accept my work and pay me.  I didn’t want to struggle as a blogger among a sea of competition.  I didn’t want to work for someone else who shaped my lifestyle for me. 

I knew that I had to create what I was looking for. But, what was that?

I gave myself a certain amount of time to let myself live freely until I took action on my career path.  That self-imposed deadline was when I was 30.  It was that year that I fell upon the online coaching world of health, life, fitness, business, and various other types of coaches.

It all made sense.  I knew that my destiny was to be a Travel Coach. Problem was that none of those other coaches understood my direction and desire for travel.

So, I sculpted what I was looking for all along.  I knew that there are no limits on what you can create in life and how you make an impact if you work hard enough at it.
Travel is far more than blogging and bookings.

Women of all ages who travel. Couples who travel. Sustainability. Wellness. Retirement. Healing. Transformation. People of all races and religions. Adventure. LGBTQ travelers. Solo women. Purposeful travel. Traveling with pets. Specific destinations. Business travel. Domestic or international.  And many more!

It’s all about Empowerment, Education, Transformation, Storytelling, Inspiration, Resources, Tools, Human Connection, Mindset, and Authenticity.

I knew the transformation that travel brought to myself and my life; helping me cope with anxiety, showing me who I wanted to be and what my purpose in life was, introducing me to incredible humans around the world, and inspiring me to do something in life that truly makes me happy in the most genuine and authentic way in my career.

Travel means something to all of us, for all different reasons. Humans need to travel. It’s innate.

Has travel shifted your mindset in life? Have you gain some sort of awakening? You’re not the only one.

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