There is More to a Travel Career than Planning and Booking Trips or Retreats. Here's Why.

Something that I heard for over a decade as a solo backpacker who had a passion for travel, a degree in tourism, had a positive impact on my mental wellbeing and life from my travel experiences, and years of knowledge and skills when it came to travel, was that the only possibilities for a travel career or business was to plan and book trips or retreats. 

I never understood this.

Now that social media is a prominent part of our everyday life and business, I constantly see travel careers or business opportunities that are centered around being a travel agent, tour operator, or on a team of agents, or something related.

I still don’t understand this.

The travel industry has made big strides in the direction of transformative and meaningful travel experiences.  There are more opportunities for travel experts or passionate travelers (who don’t realize that they are experts in it yet) to do something that is unique to them.

There is no doubt that now, more than ever before, there is more to a travel career than blogging and bookings.

Which is why I founded The Travel Coach Network in the first place.

For wanderlusters like myself seeking even more in a travel career.

Here is the main message that the TCN wants YOU to know:

Every traveler is different.  We all know something that is unique and meaningful to us and we can use that to make an impact in the lives of others or the world.

If you want a travel business, you do NOT have to plan or book trips.  There is so much more that you can do with your love, knowledge, and skills in travel.

2020 created new opportunities and open many doors to new and creative roles in the travel industry ranging from remote work experts, culture coaches, transformative travel, purposeful business trips, bleisure, sustainable and regenerative tourism, wellness travel coaching, and more.

The term “Travel Coaching” does NOT mean that you must coach individuals on travel.  It is 100% up to YOU on WHO you help, HOW you help them, and what YOUR business model is. (Don’t worry, the TCN programs and founder help you figure that out!

You can combine the concept of travel coaching with your expertise and passion for other areas of coaching or business such as life, health, wellness, teaching, medical, booking trips, etc.

The TCN was designed for all of you who want EVEN MORE meaningful and personal in a travel career.

You can learn more about finding your travel career path or about travel coaching here

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