What Type of Travel Career Can You Have?

What Type of Travel Career Can You Have

Are you tired of being told what you can do if you want a career in travel?

 For decades, the travel industry said that your options are:

  • To be a flight attendant
  • Work for a hotel
  • Be a travel agent
  • Be a tour operator
  • Work for a company that “pays you to travel” for business
  • Become a travel “influencer”
  • Write about travel or be a blogger
  • Or organized trips
 Well, none of that was for me.

Although I graduated with a degree in Tourism, I struggled for years figuring out what it was that I was meant to do with my love of travel.

I knew that:

  • Travel had more purpose than what was talked about
  • People turned to travel for personal reasons
  • Companies needed to adjust to the changing traveler wants and needs
  • Digital nomadism wasn’t just a Millennial thing and that more people would want to work remotely
  • Travel was healing
  • People used travel to feel better in all aspects of their personal and work life
  • I wanted to make a greater impact with what I knew and loved most about travel
  • I didn’t want to struggle for money, recruit teams, or mold my perspective based on what a brand was asking for

Luckily, times have changed and so has the travel industry.

There are so many new doors opening to careers in travel that never existed before.

It’s time that YOU do the inner work and industry research to figure out what it is that you can do to make a difference in your own career path or business journey.

In the last module of my new course, Build a Better Travel Business, I dive exactly in this topic and what is possible now and in the future of travel.

It’s the same mindset and strategy that I used to start and grow my unique travel businesses.

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