There’s More to a Travel Career than Just Booking Trips


There’s more to a travel career than just booking trips.

Contrary to popular belief (aka what the travel industry has always said was possible), there IS a lot that you can do with your love of travel besides just booking trips or writing about them.

Despite having a degree in tourism and hospitality management, I struggled for almost 10 years after university in figuring out what career I wanted to have that was related to travel.

Although I didn’t know back then what I wanted to do, I did know what I did NOT want to do. 

I have struggled with anxiety my whole life so having the responsibly of planning and booking someone’s trip wasn’t my thing although I had experience doing so for my friends and family as I traveled to over 84 countries myself.

Writing has never been an interest of mine either.  Yes, I have been in 100+ media outlets for my travel coaching, I have a popular travel blog, and have published a travel and mindset book but I didn’t want to turn writing into a career.

There was always a feeling deep within me that there must be something more out there if someone is passionate about travel.

And sure enough, there is!

As the industry and times evolve, more and more opportunities arise.

There are travel coaches specializing in a wide range of topics including spirituality, healing from trauma or loss, finding remote work-life balance, cultural diversity, mental wellbeing, corporate wellness, bleisure, creating a freedom-based lifestyle, transformative travel experiences, travel as therapy, eco-tourism, giving back to communities, and so much more.

What a beautiful time in the industry it is to get creative, authentic, and get real about turning your travel expertise and ideas into a thriving business.

With the rise of travel technology, the prioritization of wellness and self-care, the demand for work flexibility, the importance of sustainability and making our planet and communities better, the shift in how and why people travel, the use of travel as a tool to transform and heal, and more… you truly can do whatever it is that you dream of doing with your knowledge of travel.

In the Travel Coach Certification Program, I help you figure all of that out and more.

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